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Hillary Clinton Says Burmese Politicians Learned Democracy From “The West Wing”

(via Buzzfeed) “I think we can do better than that” – whoah whoah whoah Hil, just what are you trying to say? (I love how she’s suppressing that little grin as she starts telling the anecdote). SHEEN (sr.) FOR PREZ 2016! #nevergiveup #missuleo #westwing>politicalanimals #butilltakewuticanget Continue reading


Stakes, Speed and Serialization

Well I’ve answered my question faster than first thought. Tonight, Annie – our favorite U.S.A. CIA spy with iron convictions, an independent streak, and a sometime-thirst for revenge* – faced this season’s arch-nemesis, Lena Smith. Don’t worry guys- she made it through all right. What is hunting down your double-agent ex-boss in ever-foreboding MOSCOW when you’ve … Continue reading