Covert Affairs: Wherefore I love thee?

Not really sure, how it happened, but living with my parents got me sucked into the most unlikely spy show, ever.

 Annie is a CIA spy babe who whilst power-suit clad forges relationships with people of interest and avoids gunfire in stilettos. Her BFF is her blind thin cutie pie handler Auggie, and her mentor is Strong Woman Joan of the toned arms and Anne Taylor getups. Characters Welcome does not typically maintain a hold over yours truly but I definitely look forward to new episodes of this USA series. Is it unlikely just because all the characters are young and attractive? Yes, but so are most tv characters. It’s also unlikely because the characters have such strong convictions and the moral dilemmas of the show usually come down to team player vs. lone soldier quandaries. Also, because everyone in the show seems to be operating under the assumption that equality, cooperation + World Peace are all good things.

Right now, Annie is recovering from a GSW to the heart which she survived (duh), and will soon be traveling to Moscow to get revenge on her traitorous ex-mentor Lena (hello LENA? what about that name was not a giveaway that she was a Russian spy?).

Into it, and looking forward to Tuesday! She’s not quite the Lady JB but let me have it, k?


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