Midnight’s Children: 1/2 Way Review

I’m in the middle of reading Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.

I have to say that I really loved the beginning when we learn about Saleem’s father and pre-independence India, but I am not loving this middle-ish and the main character so much. I do think the authorship device of the main character writing down the story himself (which is the story of the book) is a great one – it sustains my attention during the sometimes dry story of his childhood, and is done wellnotcheesy. The whole “this story has already happened, so I can gesture to the future, but don’t really give the plot away” moments work great. They play on the character’s nostalgia but effect suspense for the reader.

As I’m learning in writing this review, I’m not too enthralled with the story. The magical realism could be more WOW and less understated, the characters a tad less self-loathing, and the plot move a bit faster. But the writing + the devices Mr. Rushdie employs are masterful, and the language beautiful. I’ll to this once I’m done with the book (I’m at p. 280 of ~500 so just about half-way) but for now the jury’s out.


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