A Love Letter to Seth Meyers

Dear Seth Meyers,

This is just to say, I love you.  Sure, you may spend the rest of your career doing the weekend update. Sure, you may not have much comedic “range.” But such minor details pale in comparison to your perfect forehead-only spiked hair, your lovely orthodontia, and the fact that you’re hosting the only reliably funny segment on SNL now that the new cast is…figuring itself out.

Aside from your near-perfect physicality and charming white-guy-ness, you make everyone around you funnier! Is it because you aren’t funny? No, you ARE funny. Just not as funny as, say…

Bill Hader.

Or Seth Macfarlane.

Or Kristen Wiig.

But hey, we can’t all be in the top 3 all the time. The point is, you are delicious and so are your straight, white teeth, and if you ever quit doing the weekend update I will probably go cry in a ball while watching “SNL: The 2010’s” on Netflix and repeat for about a week or maybe forever.


A Newly Converted SNL Fanatic Who Did Not Grow Up Loving You But Definitely Loves You Now


2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Seth Meyers

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