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The Consumers Speak Out: Showtime Edition

Dear Showtime,
It’s time to call bullshit and set the record straight.

House of Lies? Or CABLE BOX of Lies?

Women aren’t as crazy as you think we are.

Okay, except maybe Lisa Kudrow.

We don’t all have drug problems.

Hey, does this apple make me look fat?

And I only cry like Carrie Mathison once a month (for about a week).

Claire “That Time of The Month Again” Danes

So please, get that look off your face.

What? I’m feeding your family with this greenery, Blanca.

That being said, I dig your taste in men.

How YOU doin’

Shamelessly (albeit Polyamorously) in love with premium cable

3 thoughts on “The Consumers Speak Out: Showtime Edition

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