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Leave No Survivors

“The Auto-Tune on Future’s “Loveeeeeee Song” feature calls to a mind a dog vomiting while Rihanna, in turn, sounds like she’s been roused from a medicated slumber.” – One of the many high points of Jessica Hopper’s review of Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic on Pitchfork

Personally, I change the station every time one of these newer Rihanna joints comes on the radio because the monotone is just not as charming as it used to be. Jessica seems to agree with me. In other words, step up your game RiRi.

More prosaic highlights:

” The tracks that follow, “Lost in Paradise” and the awful “Get It Over With”, further underscore any concern one might have for the pop star’s romantic choices.”

Unapologetic rubs our faces in the inconvenient, messy truth of Rihanna’s life which, even if it were done well, would be hard to celebrate as a success. But the measurable failure is the album’s music.”

“She’s frozen in a relationship with a bad person and tangled in a toxic situation that feels out of her control (SOUNDS FUN, RIRI!)– themes that are mirrored in Unapologetic‘s surplus of minor-key treacle.” (TREACLE!)


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