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Top 5 Least Believable Things About Last Night’s Homeland *Spoiler Alert*

Just for the record, I love Homeland. Nothing gets me going like a good nasally-ginger-terrorist meets crazy-threat-to-national-security love affair. So star crossed and facially expressive. But let’s be real, Sunday’s episode went a little 24 on everybody, no?

Episode 10/12 is a prettyyy safe time to throw in an epic plot / shady execution situation and rest assured that I’ll still tune in for the final two. However, in the spirit of calling your bluffs, writers, what the F was up with…?


Magnifying glasses: tools for terrorists!  Available in select top drawers of two-volume compact Oxford English Dictionary sets on bookshelves near you!

1. Dana’s “I don’t even care” face. Okay, A) those Acne boots are way too cool to be an afterthought. And, B) Homegirl is trying to maintain a frown while she says, “I guess my dad’s some super spy and a bunch of terrorists want to kill him.” Looks to me like a serious case of adolescent-feeling-feelings!

2. Jessica and Mike’s seriously unfortunate timing.

3. CIA homeboys using a physical map to find Carrie while surrounded by cray cray technology… really?

4. Brody waltzing no prob through the white house + facetiming with a terrorist… all on a casual trip to the bathroom!

5. Carrie, wielding a pipe…FADE TO BLACK.


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