Be Still My Heart

The Freaks and Geeks reunion photos on Vanity Fair are too.much. for this fangirl.


Some thoughts:

-Bill is still the best. What can I say, sucker for the nerdy-cool look.

-Jeff Rosso. I have no words. Man, Mr. Rosso’s really cool, you guys!

-I think the best way to think about James Franco is as a fine wine.

-Busy Phillips. The most badass. Always. You were such a good insecure teenager bully, with your bad posture and worse eyeliner.

-My friend who works at a studio recently said to me “Seth Rogen’s really cool. He just like, always eats at the commissary. And no one really minds that he’s like a celebrity or whatever cuz he’s always there. It’s like he’s just some average joe.” I think the simile is unnecessary.

-Yep, stiiiill attracted to Barry!

-Did Lindsay Weir get a boob job? Or just a baby and a breast pump. And ya, Sam got hot(ish).

The Weirs, the Minellnials' true First Family, then, now, and always.

The Weirs, the Minellnials’ true First Family, then, now, and always.


2 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart

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