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Seinfeld + The Internet = a match made in heaven (via hell)

If Larry and Jerry were pitching Seinfeld plotlines in the age of Reddit, Ok Cupid, and 3D movies (like for real ones), this is what it would look like. Thank you, internet.


Could most definitely see a Seinfeldtoday plotline including “George finds @Seinfeldtoday, doesn’t get it, is enraged, Kramer launches “@Seinfeldyesterday,” Jerry shakes his head disapprovingly and pulls in babes.” NB: yours truly was once told “oh Rachel, you’re such an Elaine.” WHAT A COMPLIMENT (but actually).

Thank god the Upper West Side zany is alive and kicking. Wondering if @SeinfeldToday tweets will bear any resemblance to the new LARRY DAVID MOVIE? Here’s hoping!


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