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Who’s Jews: Golden Globes Edition (via

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has just announced their 2013 Golden Globe nominees which honor some old faithfuls and some newbies. Spielberg’s grandiose freedom/equality/democracy lovin’ and decidedly West Wing-esque Lincoln has emerged as the golden child with nominations for Best Picture etc., plus we’ve got good showings in both Best Actor/tress for Silver Linings Playbook and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (WHAT?).  We’re pumped mostly because this list means it’s the start of the REAL most wonderful time of the year (suck it XMas), Entertainment Awards Season! However, we have to say, the nominations list is disturbingly Yid sparse… which brings us around to our new feature, the WHO’S JEWS of Awards Season.


Hollywood has long been dominated by j00z, so much so that the illustrious MOTs’ religious heritage at this point mostly goes by without comment. But we think it’s worthwhile to highlight the achievements of our Ashkenazi (and otherwise) brethren, because hey isn’t it our right to kvell a little?

Leading the charge is our Hollywood Hero Steven Spielberg for Best Director with his Jew-in-arms Tony Kushner for Best Screenplay for “Lincoln” (AKA the Abraham Joshua Heschel of the 19th Century, in case you didn’t know). We’ve also got our girrrl Rachel Weisz with a Best Performance by an Actress nomination for The Deep Blue Sea (which is apparently different from that one flick in which Samuel L. Jackson gets devoured by a shark).

Of course we’ve got Alan Arkin, the perpetually grumpy old man Jew, Max Greenfield for New Girl (and our HJ-actor of the year nominee). Plus, who can forget good ol’ Mandy Patinkin (AKA INIGO MONTOYA O DID I JUST BLOW UR MIND?), so much so a Jew IRL that his character Saul “The Intellectual Jew” Berenson is often chided by his CIA co-workers for consulting his Rabbis on matters of national security.

Regardless of religious/ethnic heritage, congrats to all the nominees. We’ll be watching and rooting especially for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (JK YALL), breaking out the bubbly, and then calling our mothers to discuss how this will impact the Academy Awards shortlist.

*Hey Guys! I’m now a blogger for Hipster Jew, where this was originally posted! Check out the blog post here.*


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