Some Quick Thoughts re: Downton Abbey + Heavyhandedness

Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s Downton Abbey series 3 premiere. Am SO GLAD they did not drag out the wedding and the will-it-happen-or-won’t-it any longer than they did (which was not much), and thought all the characters were in fine quippy yet heartfelt form.

Downton’s always been a liiitle heavy on themey-ness, especially during WARTIME. And especially thanks to Cousin Isobel, whom I don’t quite hate. But this episode they were hitting us over the head with the whole CHANGE IS COMING ACCEPT IT in the form of Shirley MacLaine’s sourpuss.



I’m really hoping that tonight’s use of thematics was their way of showing the audience, ok yes this WAS the theme of the past two seasons, but now we, the Crawley/Granthams of Downton Abbey, are ready to accept change and a global world in the year 1920. As opposed to total resistance, the drama will be about acknowledging a changing world order, and learning how to live within it rather than totally fighting against it.

Of course, this will not be the case, because without this stark tension between old guard vs. new world order, Downton wouldn’t be Downton. But such an obvious showcase of this show theme does lead me to believe that the winds of change are blowing for Downton Abbey the show, not just Downton Abbey the house, and I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to ridin’ that pony or err cruiseliner. (Is the Titanic still a touchy subject?)

Til next week, Masterpiece Classics! And PS who the F was Laura Linney’s stylist tonight that did that great woman such a disservice? I mean, at least get someone to tailor those sleeves!


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