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Sybil + the Aristocratic Decision Making Regime (a GChat Diary) *SPOILER ALERT*

My mom and I discussed Downton Abbey and Sybil’s un(timely?) demise over GChat this morning, and this is what the women of my family had to say over the patriarchal folly of the Crawley/Granthams. RIP SYBIL.
sybilme:  hey mom
 Lorie:  hi honey.
 me:  how are youuu?
 Lorie:  Ok.  paying bills. some overdue.  must do better . . .
 me:  haha
RIP sybil
 Lorie:  I KNOW!!!  you must write about it.  I woke up this morning thinking that Lady Edith must write a column about male arrogance
i cried
 me:  really?
it was a REALLY graphic death scene
the throat bulge!
i had to watch a knight’s tale afterwards cuz i was so emotionally rattled
 Lorie:  i forgot i was going to google eclampsia today
 Lorie:  the only thing that helped was that I knew she was going to die or that the baby would die as soon as they mentioned that they were bringing in a different doctor for the delivery
 me:  ya, downton… so obvi
and that everything miraculously was ok with the pregnancy
after the big showdown
the patriarchy!
 Lorie:  what do you mean?
 me:  like, the 2 doctors had this big showdown
and then it was like “oh nvm the pregnancy went just fine”
or the delivery
 Lorie:  oh, the delivery.  yes, I found it suspiciously anti-climatic.  Of course, it had to go that way, another metaphor for the decline of the aristocracy
 me:  true
i cried at maggie smith’s stoic walk
when we see her aristocratic frame
hobbling into the future
trying to keep up
 Lorie:  actually, in this documentary about that era, they mentioned that WWI really dealt a blow to the aristocracy’s confidence that their decision making was infallible.  so, scene was very representative of that.
oh, btw, I passed my notary exam.  What a relief (lol, how mortifying if i had failed)
 me:  oh i see
 Sent at 9:52 AM on Monday
 me:  and MAZEL TOV
what documentary
and also how is the decision making process of the aristocracy different from a modern decision making process?
patriarchal vs. collective?
 Lorie:  it was on last year prior to a Downton episode
No, it was just that the aristocracy were in charge and had no doubt that they knew best and had the right to hold power
 me:  right so because you’re the tip top you have the right to make all the decisions from the top down?
and the 20s cast that in to doubt because of an expanded world view?
 Lorie:  and because the war was so horrible — not what they expected
 me:  oh sort of like the aristocracy of the south pre and post civil war
 Sent at 9:59 AM on Monday
 Lorie:  hmm. maybe so.  but in England, they had been in power for generations, owned the land, had this sense of noblesse oblige (remember scene last night with Matthew about them as landlords and Robert’s sense of obligation to the townfolk)
btw, tell me again how to keep this chat screen open even when I’m working on another page
 me:  click the little arrow in the right corner
 Sent at 10:01 AM on Monday
 me:  so sybil’s death was just another tool to advance this sort of obvious theme?
or does she just want to go do action movies?
(or both)
 Sent at 10:10 AM on Monday
 Lorie:  Alas, I think it was part of the story line. Drama drama drama, as Daddy says.  It seems to me to be getting too obvious, as you say.  Too heavy handed.  The first season had much more finesse.
 me:  True, but I’ll always love the Crawley/Granthams. RIP Sybil.
 Lorie:  of course.

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