Tippy the Amazing Dog Walker

Okay, so, other than Djesus Uncrossed and Papal Securities (both Digital Shorts, both oozing with essence-of-Taran-Killam, neither performed live even though the show is called Saturday Night LIVE hellooooo), Christoph Waltz’s stint as SNL host was pretty sub-par. HOWEVER, while we wait for the new cast members find their footing and the writers to figure out how to wrap up a sketch instead of making everything five minutes too long (Looking at you, “Cold Open: Stranded Cruise”), we have some pretty kewl new characters to tide us over.

Specifically, Tippy.

"Those two are yuckin' it up!"

“Those two are yuckin’ it up!”

Tippy is Nasim Pedrad’s newest character. First of all, I am obsessed with Nasim. The ever-underrated Iranian-American beauty is supes dupes hilar, and is finally coming into her own in K. Wiig’s absence, emerging as one of the stars of the show. She does a mean Kardashian impression, and her Arianna Huffington is uncanny. She’s also great at annoying-loser-types. Like Tippy.

Tippy is a Sprite carrying eager beaver who runs around a party, so desperate to hear, see, and participate in it all, that she misses the end of every conversation she tries to jump in on. When she asks friends to repeat their stories, she tends to laugh too early, interrupt them before they finish their sentences – “what did he do and say?” – or jump in and make her own assumptions about what happened.

“I was just saying last year for my anniversary, my husband got me –”

“What like a big ol’ dildo or something?”


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