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She’s BACK!: Veronica Mars Movie Gets Kickstarter Bump

As a super, duper DUPER fan, I can hardly contain myself.

There in all likelihood will be a Veronica Mars movie, and it’s all thanks to “the proud and the few” (via Gawker).

We used to be friends.

We used to be friends.

Warner Brothers, who hold the rights to the VMARS empire, said they would happily support a movie if show creator Rob Thomas proved there was fan interest. Mr. Thomas responded with a Kickstarter campaign and a fan-talizing (zing) video asking people to support.

It raised over $1M in 4 hours, and as soon as the ticker hits $2M, we’re in action baby!

I love Veronica Mars for a lot of reasons. The show walks a very sensitive line between bitter/misanthropic and totally optimistic and naive. Veronica Mars is a heroine to look up to: she’s independent, she’s unabashedly smart, she works for a living, she’s sexually liberated (into it), and she respects her body and doesn’t take shit from no one. And, in the words of my sister, the CW decided to replace this actual role model with The Pussycat Dolls reality show.

So making a Veronica Mars movie won’t undue the injustice of its premature cancel, but it definitely helps. Now the only question is, will they give it to us and reunite Ron Ron and Logan?!

Here’s hoping.


5 thoughts on “She’s BACK!: Veronica Mars Movie Gets Kickstarter Bump

  1. From the Kickstarter page:
    “Q: What if the movie doesn’t end in the way I’ve believed it should end for the past six years.

    A: Eek.

    Q: Veronica better end up with Logan, Rob. She just better.

    A: That’s not a question.

    Q: We’re just saying…

    A: I hear you. Remember it’s noir. There aren’t a lot of happy endings.

    Q: Noir, my ass. We’ve waited a long time for this.

    A: (Busily reworking super-grim ending.)”


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