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In keeping with my numba one life goal of becoming a #webceleb, I have been toying with the idea of writing a web series. Maybe starring in it, but my face tends to look deformed once captured by a camera. And I have a super wide mouth, so, maybe not. Of course, I have no idea how to write/star in/make a web series, let alone blow up in the interwebz. Since I have no idea how to do that, I started by watching a bunch of them.

In an attempt to learn how to make my production dreams come true, I’ve been doing some serious research/digging for inspiraysh. Which means two things:

1. I’ve been watching hella web series-es. (Also pondering the meaning of life and the best way to pluralize words that are already plural.)

2. I’ve been listening to this Sarah Silverman song on repeat to get PUMPED. But that has nothing to do with this post.

Here is some of the brilliance I’ve come up with during my perusal of the world wide web:

1. High Maintenance

This is one of my faves. It chronicles the stories of an anonymous cannabis dealer biking around NYC slangin’ pots to fine betches & bros all over town. OLIVIA is my favorite (see above). I also like TRIXIE a lot. Actually I like all of them. And they provide valuable perspective about how many different types of people smoke the reefer! Plus, they have a cute warning that says “content may not be suitable for corporate environs” and I love anything with abbrevs.

2. Morning Serial

Confesh: I had to write about at least one other web series before I admit that one of the purposes of this post is to spread the word about my friends over at Science & Fiction Films. I love them (as people) and also their web series. Basicamente, the story is told over the course of a work week. From Monday to Friday, much cereal (Serial! Cereal! Get it?) is consumed, and a potential girlfriend candidate attempts to weasel her way between two best friends. Also, please follow them on Twitter and stuff.

3. Broad City

Currently being developed at Comedy Central into a show. Amy Poehler attached to produce. Premiering in 2014. Trust Amy’s taste. Enough said. The first episode is above.

4. Tangents & The Times

Sorry I’m not sorry I’m obsessed with Marissa Ross. One time she tweeted at me and it was beautiful and I slept like a baby that night. This is a hilar web series about the trials and tribulations of being a blogger/web-celeb. Naturally I am obsessed.

5. The Slutty Years

Created by fellow Stanford Alum & Gaggle blogger Amy J. Aniobi, The Slutty Years is the story of three (pretty prettyyyy nerdy) roommates in their 20s, coming to terms with single life, breakups, and how to cope when your Soy Ice Cream Friday nights / HBO Sunday routines are disrupted by the inconveniences of real life. #POSTGRADPROBLEMS guys #POSTGRADPROBLEMS. Watch episode 1 above or visit the website for more episodes.

Many thanks to all friends who have provided recommendations. In the name of education and spreading comedic love, please leave other suggestions in the comments.


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