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ANNOUNCING: Game of Thrones Week

It sounds counterintuitive, because it’s Spring and Daylight Savings already happened, but Winter is Coming.

3.31.13 is the Game of Thrones premiere, which you already know if you keep a calendar/are an informed consumer because it’s clearly a cultural phenomenon. Therefore: we are going to talk about Game of Thrones all week. We are going to get you all ready for the premiere. When the time comes, when everybody shuts up and the television screen sings those sweet, beautiful words: “and now, the HBO season premiere…” you will be ready. Ready to experience this magical moment to the fullest.

You may be asking: GameOfThronesGif1

do we mean by “ready”? What is there to be ready for? You were BORN ready. Duh. This is Game of Thrones.

Well, we respectfully disagree. Something as glorious, momentous, stupendous – hyperbolic adjectives, etc. etc. – as Game of Thrones requires serious preparation. Lucky for you, we did most of the work!

Whether you’re a hater, a non-watcher, a casual viewer, a skeptic, or a serious fan, WE WILL GET YOU READY. For:

The violence.

The violence.

The patronizing father figures.

The patronizing father figures.

The Daddy issues.

The Daddy issues.

Note: Game of Thrones does NOT take place in 2013.

And the Mommy issues.

J-Snow suppresses a boner underneath layers of coat.


The celibate will struggle…


And the sexually active will struggle…


Because HELLO when you play the Game of Thrones you win or die so everybody struggles.

Lots of bouncing breasts in this show. Lots and lots.

Lots of bouncing breasts in this show. Lots and lots.










Okay, we know what you’re thinking. This is intense. This is really a lot to handle. You’re thinking, “Sure. It’s just a Sunday night of television, but you know what…”:

Women of a feather...

Women of a feather…

Drink together!

Drink together! 

Only the mother of dragons could make horse heart look this appealing...

Only the mother of dragons could make horse heart look this appealing…

WELL THAT’S GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. Because there will be eating, drinking, FEASTING! (Like, we will actively encourage that you feast on Sunday during the premiere (or before, or  after, or whatever floats your boat) and will provide motivation for you to do so.)

And if you’re anything like me, there will also be many earnest wishes to be Arya Stark.

god of death

And last but not least, most importantly of all – Westeros-changing Winter-Is-Coming Life-altering importantly…

daenerys-targaryen dragon on shoulderTHERE WILL BE DRAGONS.



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