A Drinking Game (of Thrones)!

Imbibing during Game of Thrones is both appropriate to the action and useful in that it gives you an excuse to re-watch the episode again later when you’re sober and your friends aren’t talking over all the dialogue.  Or is that just my friends?  Wait, am I the one who talks?  Sorry.

Try this with our Game of Thrones themed beverages for the ultimate Thronesing experience.

The Rules:

Drink something fancy if an establishing shot, set, or costume looks too expensive for TV

game of thrones premiere

Drink if Daenerys states something with intense conviction

daenerys no mercy

Drink if Joffrey stares at someone; drink again if his mouth is open


Drink if Jon Snow appears to be furious at either his past or his boner

jon snow in snow

Drink if Tyrion quips; finish your drink if Cersei replies with any variant of “you’re so clever”

tyrion dont care about your life

Drink if Stannis finds public opinion upsetting


Drink if a character is referred to as a particular animal; drink again if that animal is their sigil

boss of the north

Take a shot when a Stark makes a terrible decision

stark terrible decision

Drink if Sansa looks helpless and/or dead inside


Chug a beer when you realize Theon is Lily Allen’s brother

Accidentally leave your drink in the bathroom if someone asks “where’s Rickon” or, more likely, “who’s that kid with Bran?”

Pour one out any time someone mentions your dead homie Ned

Drink if someone in your party feels the need to comment on the fact that there is nudity or violence occurring

Punch anyone who brings up the fact that they’ve read the books, including yourself

come at me bro

Slowly sip until George R. R. Martin finishes the next book.


Bad with instructions?  Want to get drunk really, really quickly?

Play the abbreviated version:

1. Drink continuously during the opening credits, or take a shot at the beginning and then sing along as loudly as possible.
2. Drink once for each breast you see; finish your drink if you glimpse a phallus.
3. Drink every time someone swears.
4. Drink every time someone dies.

dancing joffrey

Have fun, be safe, conquer kingdoms, and say “not today” to the god of death!

With significant contributions by Grace DeVoll and Willie Myers.


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