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Introducing: Lost & Found

To Our Dearest Readers,

2012’s Fall TV shows are wrapping up. You may be thinking things like “WHAT am I going to do without my weekly dose of Schmidt?”

schmidt happensOr, “How will I survive without Mindy Kaling and Danny Castellano? Who is going to make me feel sane?”

normal american woman sized

Fun fact: there are OTHER crazy, neurotic females on TV who can make you feel less crazy than you actually are!

ally mcbeal 2

For example.

And we’re going to bring them to you.

As we prepare for the end of Pilot Season and the onslaught of new fall shows, we’d like to take a moment to remember. To remember all the beautiful shows that are no longer on the air. To fill your summer nights with a bunch of Netflix binges, since the occasional cable show with a mere 10-episode order just won’t do!

SO – in the coming days, weeks, perhaps months – please look forward to a brand new series of posts. Introducing: Lost and Found. Where we will re-watch, re-examine, re-LOVE ALL OVER our favorite TV shows that are now off the air. And then try to convince you to watch and fall in love with them too.

We hope you enjoy!


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