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A PSA for Aspiring Writers Everywhere

Recently, I’ve taken to switching out my usual “GYM!” iTunes playlist for something a little more productive. And thought I’d write a lil PSA for all you other aspiring writers out there.


Writing is always this glamorous, amirite or amirite?!

iTunes U has free lectures on everything (NEWS FLASH, right? #latetotheparty). I just discovered Stanford’s “How I Write” series, in which the illustrious Hilton Obenzinger (fabulous hat wearing Mark Twain + writing expert) interviews writers in everything from particle physics to poetry about their work and writing process.

A favorite so far has been David Dunaway‘s interview on Oral History, where I got to learn a bunch of cool things about the Red Scare + Pete Seeger. I’ve also liked Susan Krieger‘s interview about unconventional academic writing (that she begins to explore in “Social Science and the Self“), in which she advocates for increased use of personal experience & the first person voice in otherwise academic writing.

As someone trying to write more every day, hearing these interviews on not just the topic but the process are helpful and entertaining. You can download and stream them in the iTunes store & they’re 100% free. I recommend them if you’re looking for a little inspiration in your writing life and/or miss college. Happy learnins!


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