Top 5 WTF Moments from Mad Men’s “For Immediate Release”

Last night’s Mad Men was filled with the most whiplash-inducing WTF moments in any single episode to date.

Some of these moments get a huge thumbs up for hilarity& badassery, while the others receive a most definite thumbs down for character inconsistency and surrealism. You know what wasn’t the biggest WTF moment? CGC and SCDP presenting together and merging. That outcome was the most predictable moment of this extremely strange episode that half the time felt like Don was about to wake up from a dream sequence anyway.

Can't you see it? The Shock and the Awe.

Can’t you see it? The Shock and the Awe.

The current that drove the overall WTF tide was the laughably bad acting displayed from some of our favs: Joan, Ted, Megs, and even Don! Am I wrong to expect more from these guys? Perhaps these characters need to stick to restrained professionalism, not out and out emotional displays – though we’ve certainly seen that done well before. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 WTF Moments of Mad Men’s “For Immediate Release.”

1) “I saw my father in law with the biggest, blackest prostitute you’ve ever seen.”  – A most excellent Pete Campbell quote after an unfortunate run in at the local “midtown party house” AKA brothel. More. Of. This.

2) The transition between Megan’s um special present for Don’s libido and Don preparing for a pitch. How was this not some sort of dream sequence?

3) Peggy’s actual dream sequence/fantasy that happened whilst conscious. Call me crazy, but this was a pretty weird way to reveal that she had a serious crush on her boss, no?

4) Joan’s blow-up at Don. I’m going to go ahead and say that while Xtina’s acting was melodramatic and unconvincing, it wasn’t entirely her fault. A public cry ‘n yell was a very if not the most un-Joan thing to do. Not that the lady doesn’t lose her cool every once in a while, but a blow up like this in front of her colleagues is very inconsistent with Joan’s self-restrained and (admittedly conflicted) self-respecting character. I could see her having some words with Don behind closed doors, but ones that would leave him feeling wounded, and not ultimately in the right.

5) With regard to Roger pulling out some major Accounts game this episode, I have only two words: Sterling’s Gold.



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