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Mr. Pool Luvs the Ladies

“Alas, women’s evolved nature, along with their desire to avoid the dystopian nightmare of men trying even harder to be funny, causes them to withhold the soul-crushing revelation of masculine jocular inferiority. But many more women now also will continue to follow bravely in the footsteps of those pioneering females who elicited laughter before them, risking societal harmony in the name of making the world a more hilarious place.” – Paul Feig via The Hollywood Reporter

Good company.

Good company. Also impressed by THR’s uniform leg airbrushing techniques.

We’re a little late to the game, but Jerry Lewis’s remarks yesterday about the indecency of lady comedians to attempt humor dug Paul Feig’s far superior stance on the topic out of the internet annals and into our hearts. In a special column for The Hollywood Reporter, Bridesmaids director and Sabrina Spellman’s science teacher Mr. Pool explained how men’s inability to bring the lolz derived from genetically predetermined quality, because it would naturally distract from their hunting abilities. It’s all so clear now!

We’re not going to weigh in on Jerry Lewis here, just want to say a big “Thanks Paul” for this farce extraordinaire. Just in case you don’t get it and are getting your defensive shackles up (in which case, we’re probably not friends), he’s not saying either sex is genetically superior when it comes to humor – just pointing out that the argument on either end is ludicrous. Humor and common sense:1 ; outdated sexism masquerading as “manners”: 0. Read the article here.


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