Lost & Found: Melrose Place (OG Edition)

From the man who brought you Sex and The City, I present: The show he wrote before Sex and The City. Darren Star, creator of all things soapy, girly, juicy, etc, is the kind of guilty pleasure.

 I love pleasure. Guilt is not that cool unless it comes from having just eaten an entire pint of ice cream alone in one’s bed, possibly having spilled some on newly dry-cleaned silk sheets (been there, done that, minus the silk). But that’s not the point. The point is, if you want some pleasure in your life – guilty or reduced-sugar-no-carbs-guilt-free – you should watch Melrose Place. The OG one. Pre-CW era, classic style, super duper 90’s Melrose Place.

Things that are wonderful about Melrose Place:

1. The jingle: Oh, 90s. How I love the self-indulgent, extra-extra-double-footlong credit sequences of your time. But seriously, it even specifies that the cast will be announced in alphabetical order. Before announcing the cast in… alphabetical order! It’s like HELLOOOO Darren, I can READ. But also like THANK YOU. Thank you for making your intro as appropriately trashy and self-loving as your show.

2. The set: If you’ve ever walked into an apartment complex in LA with a pool in the middle (especially mine), then you’ve basically walked onto the set of Melrose Place. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon BBQ + swim in a pool that’s warmer than your bathtub (Oh yeah, the plumbing doesn’t work in Melrose Place… WOMP) + basicamente-a-thong swimwear to get you in the mood for summer!

BRB, casually chicken fighting with my neighbs!

BRB, casually chicken fighting with my neighbs!

3. Grant Show shirtless.

Denim on Denim on Abs.

Denim on Denim on Abs.

Hokay, so. I may not have made the most convincing argument. I mean, it’s no Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip. But I’m telling you, I didn’t leave my couch for a week when I started this show. Well, except to practice Rhonda’s cardio-dance-funk routines / try on my old leotards.


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