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Pilot Pickups + Disappointment of the Year + How 2 Cope

So, anyone who stalks Deadline Hollywood as much as I do, and maybe some other people, know that John Mulaney’s pilot did not get picked up this year by NBC. For those of you who don’t know: this is a MASSIVE TRAGEDY. Why? Well, besides the fact that it was hilarious, it starred Nasim Pedrad, one of my fave SNL-ers, who is also known as Tippy The Amazing Dog Walker.

Live from New York it's this super hot Iranian-American princess.

Live from New York it’s this super hot Iranian-American princess creature!

Since Mulaney won’t be hopping on NBC’s Thursday night comedy block / replacing Liz Lemon’s self-deprecating swag with his own this Fall, those of us who love him will have to get our fill some other way.

SUGGESTION: Listen to his stand-up album – New in Town – on Spotify. Because it’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard all year / in my entire life.

mulaney rape

Whether he’s lamenting his inability to stand up for himself to Delta Airlines flight attendants, professing his love for Jewish Girls – “A lot of problems that people have in relationships are with communication, cause guys don’t know what women are thinking. And with Jewish women, you do not have to guess what they are thinking. They will tell you.” – or analyzing the strategies of those who beg for money on the streets of New York City, John Mulaney WILL make you laugh.

Here, you can start with this particular favorite, Special Victims and Ice-T. In which John Mulaney celebrates the beautiful truth that yes, you really can say anything on television.


Angelenos: This playlist is especially good for driving in traffic, because you won’t ever want to get out of the car.

If you aren’t convinced yet: John Mulaney is the SNL writer who is responsible for this guy:

human pinata

Yeah, I thought that might convince you.



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