Discovery of The Week: Misfits

Get with the programme, people. This show is pure gold. Maybe it’s because I’m so excited for Orange Is The New Black that I can’t get enough of badasses in bright orange jumpsuits right now? Or maybe it’s because the cast is filled with the likes of Ramsay Snow (Bolton), Catelyn Stark (RIP!), Lady Sybil Branson (also RIP!) and all my other fave Brits. Or maybe it’s just that I love a good “ensemble of assholes with hearts of gold” dramedy. Whatever it is, Misfits had me glued to my couch all weekend. There was fear. There were tears. There were laughs. There was love. There was that weird moment where I realized I was sexually attracted to Iwan Rheon.

simon girl fall in love

Me, Simon. I will fall in love with you.

Misfits is a show about a group of students who survive a cray cray storm while doing their community service hours and develop superpowers. Superpowers include: invisibility, mind-reading, turning back time, and – my favorite – the ability to make men horny as all hell by simply touching them. As the episodes go on, the show’s tendency toward the supernatural increases, endowing strangers, villains, and weird mental patients with superpowers as well as the Misfits themselves. But the fun part, really, is in the dynamics between the characters. Who are five of the baddest ass badasses around.

First: there’s the aforementioned Simon (Iwan Rheon // Ramsay Snow), a reclusive-but-sexy-in-a-weird-way loner who finds the first friends he’s ever had amongst the Misfits, and will go to all ends of the earth to save them.

best friend simon gifSecond: Kelly (Lauren Socha) the 2 cool for your school Negative-Nancy-Turned-Softie / protector of the friend group. Kelly’s accent is amaze, and her ratchet-as-fuck vocabulary is even better.

fookin love yaThe third Misfit is Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett): ex-olympian + expert gum chewer + token hottie with a body, who has the ability to turn back time, and in INABILITY to touch his girlfriend because she turns him into a horndog/monster. A minor inconvenience. Teenagers that they are, they find other ways to get down and dirty (not Snapchat sex).

He can talk, too. I promise.

He can talk, too. I promise.

Then there’s Alisha (Antonia Thomas). Sex goddess extraordinaire. Full of sass.

Don't mind if I do...

Don’t mind if I do…

Finally, Nathan (Robert Sheehan): Asshole of the century. “Total Dick,” according to the other four misfits. Homeless. Bereft of superpowers (which only makes him worse). And yet… somehow… unwittingly lovable? Even if his eyebrows are like, a centimeter too thick.

nathan 1

He has the most irresistible curls though, no?

In summary: you should watch Misfits because it’s funny AND dramatic, all the characters are attractive AND badass, there are only eight episodes per season – which is a totally doable amount of episodes to catch up on – and the whole series is avail on Hulu Plus. Convinced? Good. Off to your couch, now.


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