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Meet Kitty (Pryde)’s “Ay Shawty 3.0,” your new awesome and hilarious summer jam.

This weird cultural collage of a music video & single features a dreamy electro-pop bassline and background behind just short of gangster rap lyrics, delivered by a more whimsical version of a would-be member of the White Girl Mob. It’s as if Riff Raff saw Lizzy Caplan/Vena Cava’s “FASHION FILM” (a prettay hilarious poke at all dream-girl-pop-inspired fashion vids) and thought, BRILLIANT!, all this needs is some references to grillz and we good to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. The song’s really catchy, kinda sexy, and hilarious. It’s making the rounds on the blogs who all seem to be taking it v. seriously. One of my favorite music blogs, Pretty Much Amazing, describes it as “equal parts dreamy and tough, kind of like her songs themselves.” I agree but think it’s kind of irreverent and hilarious, too, almost a parody (except not), of a lot of music out there right now – hard gangster white people rap vs. the residual chill wave pop stuff (both good in their own way). By combining the two styles the inimitable Kitty (Pryde) is empowering herself/her own style and poking fun at the bitches who ain’t as bad. And really, she is just kind of a hard bad bitch (in the best way possible).

Cause you’re dirty Sprite, hi, I’m Kitty, your gold teeth are the shit.

Cause you’re dirty Sprite, hi, I’m Kitty, your gold teeth are the shit.

As a song, it makes me think of some summer nights that kind of feel like a slow-mo video themselves. All yo fraynds, havin’ fun, being young, glorying in all life has to offer while being the obvious (privileged/educated/etc.) badasses you are. So obviously we’ll be bumping Kitty’s mixtape D.A.I.S.Y. Rage during jacuzzi sneak-ins, holiday bbqs, and summer shenanigans in the coming months. Check out more of her music here.


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