A Devious Drinking Game: Get Down with Tube Top TV and the Devious Maids

Hello Friends and Tubetoppers,

If you haven’t heard, this Sunday is the premiere of summer’s juiciest TV show, Devious Maids. Maybe because it’s the first TV show I ever worked on, or maybe because I’m secretly a sassy Latina trapped in this dumb WASPy body, Devious Maids has a special place in my heart. Now, some of you aren’t the biggest Lifetime fans, others don’t necessarily gravitate toward girly soap operas, I get it. To that I say: BUT IF YOU DRINK AND WATCH A TV SHOW AT THE SAME TIME, THE TV SHOW IS ALWAYS BETTER! Therefore, I present…

Ay Papi.

Ay Papi.

A Devious Drinking Game for the Lifetime Network’s ESTUPENDO Premiere of Devious Maids.

1. Drink when a maid looks Devious

2. Drink when That Guy didn’t do it.

3. Drink when there’s a desperate housewife.

4. Drink when Marc Cherry – “the baby-faced singer or the baby-faced showrunner?” – wrote that line.

5. Drink when you’d tap that.

6. Drink when that character was in a soap opera in the 90s!

7. Drink when that house looks spotless.

It’s no Game of Thrones, but I’ve seen the pilot already, and therefore I can assure you, these rules will get you plenty schwasted. Basicamente, tune in on Sunday at 10pm PST for a muy caliente experienso. Comprende?


4 thoughts on “A Devious Drinking Game: Get Down with Tube Top TV and the Devious Maids

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