Pink Hair, Don’t Care + Why MTV’s “Girl Code” is Actually Awesome

As liberated ladies in our twenties with high standards for humor and the other ladies in our lives, you would think a show that tackles this business would not make it onto the Watch List.

gc7Stereotypically tired and offensive? Pandering and boring? Shallow and sensationalized?


LOL funny – much to our surprise, yes! Guys, it’s time to come clean about my dirtiest trashy tv pleasure: MTV’s Girl Code.

but... can i?

but… can i?

Girl Code is an “I love the 90s” style “throw out a topic and see what a buncha comedians say about it” show. I stumbled upon it because it came on right after Awkward, my other tweeny pleasure, and, surprise surprise, MTV’s marketing scheduling ploy worked! I ain’t mad at it.

Girl Code covers things like masturbation, first dates, going to the bathroom, and sexting. Stuff that “typical girls” encounter in their “typical lives.”  The comedians discuss and decree “girl code”: how girls do/should do not/should not navigate these all important issues. Their topics and the premise & presentation of the show are probably narrow/offensive in some way or another, but you know what? I don’t really care.

You took the words right outta my mouth.

You took the words right outta my mouth.

I don’t really care to scratch the surface of the why’s/hows behind this “girl talk real talk” because I have a good guffaw at least thrice an episode. It’s not so much thanks to the topics, but more to the actually funny and cool-seeming comedians. A few like Alice Wetterlund, Esther Ku, and of course Nicole Byer consistently crack me up. They’re great physical comedians in front of a camera, each have a distinct style from “sassy don’t give a fuck” to “wait did that sweet looking girl with a bow just say THAT,” and at least 40% of the time say really entertaining and surprising shit.



The show’s editing & animation is actually pretty responsible for its hilarity, too. For example, this baby from the “Waxing” segment, when accompanied by Alice Wetterlund’s narration of the incident, slayed me.

exemplary use of the L word, girl code.

exemplary use of the L word, girl code.

And real talk, like this lil diddy from Carly Aquilino, a quite amazing specimen of human, is the kind of sorta relatable and self effacing commentary on a mostly boring topic like “breakups” that make the show entertaining even when you’re not gettin’ your knee slap on.

rocks her magenta locks like no other.

rocks her magenta locks like no other.

Plus, the general sass level in the show would be toxic to most normal humans, which means it’s just right for me and my ladyfolk.

you know i can't resist a good finger wag, tube toppers.

you know i can’t resist a good finger wag, tube toppers.

All in all, I sort of resent that this show got me, but am overall DELIGHTED that these gals get paid to talk a lotta shit. Whether Girl Code is setting the feminist cause back or pushing it forward is debatable, but not a conversation I’m super interested in having. Instead, I’ll just fantasize about dying my hair pink and work on bringing a higher level of lady pride to everything I do. If you remain unconvinced, check out full episodes and clips here.


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