NEW BEST SHOW ON TV: Orange Is The New Black

No, not the best new show on TV. The new best show on TV. Ever. Like, the WGA should make it the Top 102 Shows of all time.

Netflix does it again. With their third release inarowwwww of bomb dot com original programming: House of Cards, Arrested Development (okay, semi-original programming), and, best of the best, Jenji Kohan’s Orange is The New Black, which is SO EFFING GOOD that it not only received rave reviews, but also was renewed for a second season before the first even aired.

Orange Is The New Black is a show about what happens when your past comes back to bite you in the ass. The “nice, blonde lady” slash bath-product entrepeneur – “we got into Barney’s! It’s a nice store.” – Piper Chapman is forced to go to prison when her post-college days of lesbian frolicking (around the world with an international drug cartel)… and carrying drug money – but only once! – catch up to her. And she leaves her fiancee (Jason Biggs! Who is cute.. what?) behind, goes to an all women’s prison, and the adventure begins.

Taylor Schilling & Yael Stone as Chapman & Morello: "It's not racist. It's tribal."

Taylor Schilling & Yael Stone as Chapman & Morello: “It’s not racist. It’s tribal.”

Some reasons you should watch Orange Is The New Black:

1. The most obvious: It’s. On. Netflix. No commercials! Also binge-watchable! All of it is available, the masses are powering through it as I type these very words, and I’m halfway through already. If you don’t hurry up and get addicted, your entire workplace will be dropping spoiler alerts left and right and you’ll feel left out and LAME and starting hating everyone.

ugh people

2. If you read Tube Top TV even semi-regularly, you know how much we love and write about ensemble dramedies. Especially female-centric ensemble dramedies on cable networks! (Netflix counts as a cable network almost kind of slash right now / for all intents and purposes of this post.) Meaning you probably do too? At least a little. Let’s face it, they’re the best type of show. Dark and funny with a spritz of drama and a sprinkle of sex? = Recipe for love. This is no exception. We laugh, we cry, we watch sassy black women pee on prison floors to the sounds of “I don’t give a fuck.”

help bitch

3. It’s super lesbian and naked and sexy.


“Ain’t no point in bein’ shy baby, you’re home.”



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