Sexytime with Spotify: My Birthday Playlist

Like Blair Waldorf, I believe myself to be the star of my own movie. Here's to a hot sex scene!

Like Blair Waldorf, I believe myself to be the star of my own movie. Here’s to a hot sex scene!

Some of you may know I run the Spotify account for The Gaggle, AKA spend lots of my procrastination time making playlists about sex and relationships, in lieu of being in a relationship.

This week, I went for “Birthday Sex,” because it’s my birthday tomorrow (!), and what kind of immature, self-absorbed, almost 24 year old would I be if I didn’t make this whole week entirely about myself? Below is a compilation of songs that I would be willing to listen to/have sex to while celebrating the moment when (10 hours of labor, sorry Mom!) I wiggled my way, crying and bloody, out of the trappings of my mother’s womb and onto our beautiful planet.

You can listen to the entire playlist on Spotify here, or click on each individual song to listen.

5e6e2d25e3415fafd0465fe1131c5345f032fa2a-150x150 It’s My Party (…and I’ll Cry If I Want to) by Ingrid Dumosch from the album Party Songs for Girls Age Nine. Yes, I listen to albums for 9 year olds. Yes, it’s my party. Yes, I’ll probably cry, whether or not I want to, because I do that every year.
4a2fff139c800097848cbe100305f60fb7f75858-150x150 Holidays by Miami Horror (ft. Alan Palomo) from the album Illumination.
991ec7da4cee0f86f3e25b21fbf155f3bff4d636-150x150 Birthday by Kings of Leon from the album Come Around Sundown.
24c959c15bf37e527679f43c6c31cf3f522da759-150x150 In Da Club by 50 Cent from the album Get Rich or Die Trying. Because I’m short(y), and we gonna party like it’s my birthday.
84a49f61be2457d85996b4aaa7dae78a87be6c40-150x150 In the hopes of finding an older guy with a little bit of life experience, the right clothes and the right appearance: Bonafied Lovin by Chromeo from the album Fancy Footwork.
9e93a0362a2a20cc2951a6ec7d84b6e004cad8e6-150x150 Birthday Song by 2 Chainz and Kanye West from the album Based on a T.R.U. Story. Some of these are self explanatory.
16b808c08d468e56dea321ed3229e830918d4c7a-150x150 My Neck, My Back by Khia from the album Thug Misses. Because I’ve been watching lots of Orange Is The New Black lately.
Swizz-Beatz-Everyday-Birthday-150x150 Everyday Birthday by Swizz Beatz featuring Chris Brown from the album Everyday, Birthday.
usher-yeah2-150x150 Yeah by Usher, Lil’ Jon and Ludacris, from the album Confessions.
919d86528113a3504564f23a7807c4b630e8b37c-150x150 Birthday Cake by Rihanna from the album Talk That Talk.
5812753fadcf3cbe3e119df1dca06c43bd307b71-150x150-1 Birthday Suit by Pleasure P from the album The Introduction of Marcus Cooper.
daft-punk-random-access-memories-cover-150x150 Get Lucky (duh) by Daft Punk from the album Random Access Memories.
9f958714effab76fedc5d95136279fbf1547581e-150x150 Birthday Sex by Jeremih from the album Jeremih.
5c8b2d9ccb8521e84b103c21e3d9cf313fc0cf6d-150x150 Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder from the album Hotter Than July. Because every girl’s birthday should end with a serenade from Stevie.

Here’s hoping I get laid and loved this weekend. If you feel compelled to give me a birthday present, please share any suggestions for future sexytime playlists in the comments. Cheers!

*Originally posted on The Gaggle.*

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