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Unblurring the Lines

This is a fantastic article from a recent Stanford grad on how to simultaneously enjoy hip hop and R&B, but be able to call bullshit of the misogynistic variety whenever we see it – and that this is in fact a valuable thing to do. As April says, “I will have it both ways, because men have been having it every which way for quite some time.”

Aside from this article standing on its own two feet on some real levels, Grace and I are also really pleased and excited to see articles and a BLOG LYFE coming out of our dear alma mater, just two years after our graduation, when nothing of this sort existed when we were in school. Kudos to April and the whole gang at STATIC for courageously writing in an environment where so often you are subtly told to keep your knees crossed and voices down. Holla back.


by April Gregory, ’13

A recent onslaught of tits-in-your-face (TIYF) music videos has catalyzedmuchhullabaloo in the blogosphere. If you haven’t seen Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” Justin Timberlake’s “Tunnel Vision,” or The-Dream’s “Pussy” (yes, just “Pussy”), you may wish to view them now. On Vevo or Vimeo, though, because they were pulled from YouTube. And not in a place where your supervisor might drop in to give you some Chobani coupons, because they are very, very TIYF.

To start, I should make one thing exceedingly clear: for years I was a more or less passive acceptor of the contradictions inherent in my favorite music genres. I love hip hop and R&B. LOVE. I love booming bass and releasing my inner Bey on the d-floor whenever possible. Consequently, I had — and still have — a tendency to ignore the often unsavory lyrics that…

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