“Masters of Sex” Does Not Beat Around the Bush

A teaser trailer for Showtime’s new “Masters of Sex” dropped today via Deadline, and boy oh boy, are we excited.

Here are some of the reasons we’ll tune into this TV show.

1) Lizzy Caplan is awesome for a lot of reasons.

2) It looks noirish and sexy and HQ, yall. More fun clothes of the past.

3) This is a 30 minute dramedy. It’s perfect. Hour long dramedies? Ain’t nobody got attention span for that!

4) They just put the name out there just bein’ all about sex and stuff. No beating around the bush – HEYO!

5) They’re trying to explore the womyn in another light – not just crazy, not just sex object – something with which Showtime has struggled in the past.

6) It’s based on a true story, which makes it feel historical and important (plus cool factor, obviously).


8) I’m actually really curious to learn about the science of sex, so maybe it’ll be educational, too! And like empowering as a woman and stuff.

9) Finally, this is definitely a period show, but the issues they’re talking about being SO TABOO (female orgasms, faking it, masturbation, ETC.) are still pretty taboo in most circles. I think they call that Social COMMENTARY with a sprinkling of META?

Episode 101Yes, we’re very very curious, and hopeful. Looking forward to this premiere in September!


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