KICK-ASS 1 + 2 + In Praise of Chloe Moretz

“We try to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?” – Jim Carrey AKA Mr. Stars & Stripes, Kick-Ass 2. Fun is right.


I mean, okay, confesh: I just watched Kick-Ass 1 last night because I’m SO 2000 and late / I have caring Hollywood assistant friends who require that I keep myself semi-educated when it comes to anything Matthew Vaughn makes, superheroes, and hot tween girls in purple wigs. And since Kick-Ass 2 is coming out TOMORROW, one of those friends was like “Mmm guuuurl, you call yourself a TV/movie blogger? You best be watching this cray cray superhero movie that’s beautifully directed and sort of looks like a comic book and was totally a huge cultural phenom a year ago and you missed it.” So I was like “HOKAY I WILL WATCH THAT!” and we sat down and we watched Kick-Ass 1 and nothing will ever be the same again.


Because of Hit Girl. Played by Chloe Moretz, Hit Girl is a highly trained teenage assassin whose father – a comic book artist and former cop (Nicholas Cage) who was framed by McLovin’s Dad The Supervillain (Mark Strong) and forced to sit in prison for five years waiting to exact his revenge – teaches her to take a bullet(s), take out like, 20+ bad guys at a time, and generally kick lots of ass. The whole movie exceeded my expectations (I mean… curse words?! McLovin?! Web celebs?! Teenage love?! Amazing.) but Chloe Moretz stole the show. Sassy, confident, and athletic, she’s everything I would have LOVED to be as a teenager. Especially the athletic part.

This post was just going to be a bunch of pictures of Chloe Moretz but I felt like I should add SOME words...

This post was originally just pictures of Chloe Moretz, but I felt like I should add SOME words…

Whether she’s wearing her awesome purple suit that will by my Halloween costume this year, or a schoolgirl uniform with pigtails, she’s utterly fabulous and full of ladypower. THEREFORE: even though Kick-Ass 2 is neither written nor directed by Matthew Vaughn and will therefore probably be totally sequel-y and cheesetastic, I’m totes going to go see it just to watch Chloe take down bad guys and shoot Aaron Taylor Johnson in the chest. I mean… have you SEEN the trailer? Because if not, here it is.


Okay one more picture of Chloe then this post can end.


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