#LindsaysNextChapter: It’s about time, no?

Regardless of how well you follow the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan’s life, it’s sort of impossible to neglect the newest development in the LiLo saga. After a disastrous Liz & Dick, a similarly sub-par/low-budget gig with Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s The Canyons, those of us still hoping for Lindsay’s return to greatness were calculating the odds as pretty bleak. Other fun things like her 6th trip to rehab may have contributed to our skepticism, and then – MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! –  things started looking up for everyone’s favorite washed up child star.


Upon leaving rehab, Lindsay got self-aware on a mostly successful Chelsea Lately hosting gig, in which she admitted that vodka makes her “wind up in rehab or jail.” Admitting the problem! Step 1 of 12! Go Lindsay!

But last night’s Amazing Cinematic Masterpiece that was the Oprah/LiLo interrogaysh on OWN was… unparalleled amounts of amaze. Lindsay’s Fifty Shades of Orange look + Oprah’s awesomeness and intensity + the fact that Lindsay’s acting skills, at this point, are juuuuuust about good enough for reality TV = PREDICTION: It’s time for LiLo’s comeback. Kardashian style. (Except hopefully a little less pregnant / There’s only one of her.)

#LindsaysNextChapter guys. It’s all happening. People are rooting for her, and she’s admitting her crippling weaknesses, which include but are not limited to: Adderall, Ambien, and Alcohol addiction, flirtations with cocaine (“I’ve done it maybe 10 times,” and then there was another mention of “fifteen times,” but you know… life can be hard to remember if you are drunk most of the time?), love of chaos (“chaotic household” mentioned but parents not blamed, despite Oprah’s best efforts), and a penchant for spending scrilla like you wouldn’t believe. She admits she “wanted to go to jail” at one point, perhaps because her appetite for destruction was growing as her appetite for food shrunk.

From $7 mil per movie (in the Mean Girls era) to therapy with Oprah, everyone’s favorite child actress has come a long way down. But with Oprah’s help (read: starpower), LiLo might just come back. For the first time in years, she seems mildly committed to recovery and somewhat lucid. While I’m sure there are lies peppered throughout the interview, there’s also a >50% chance this could be Lindsay’s first step up the mountain climb! And I, for one, am totes rooting for her. I mean… remember this?

parent trap


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