The Bills Are Alive With the Sound of Music

If you thought casting Ben Affleck as Batman was weird, hold on to all of your horses (and a few of your favorite things) because I’m pretty sure Bill Compton just shot Mr. Gigli out of the water.

NBC announced today that Stephen Moyer of True Blood fame will be playing Captain Von Trapp in the upcoming Sound of Music TV movie. Hmmm…

I am 16 going on Immortal Vampire God.

I am 16 going on Immortal Vampire God.

I guess the transition from over-dramatic Southern vampire god to well-meaning Austrian father of 7 isn’t too far out of left field for Moyer. The British actor already started climbing every (weird musical) mountain last month  in a Brooke-Shields-directed producting of Chicago co-starring Ashlee Simpson, Xena Warrior Princess, and Drew Carey.

And if you’re not already Blown Away by all this, don’t worry: country music superstar and former American Idol Carrie Underwood will be solving a problem like Maria.


Now run home and watch your beloved VHS copy of The Sound of Music one last time before NBC ruins your childhood.


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