Big Dark Bane – Breaking Bad 5.11 Recap

I was going to write this Breaking Bad recap, but everyone’s been doing that lately, so I figured I’d talk about Miley Cyrus instead.  She’s bad at singing. Anyway, now that we’ve settled that, “Confessions” was probably the dopest of Season 5, with Walt’s “confession” tape causing immense problems for Hanky panky. Looks like the tape is Hank’s Big Dark Bane cause it pretty much takes him out of contention for getting Walt, unless of course Jesse flips. By the way, these article titles are anagrams of “Breaking Bad” in case they seem arbitrary or weird. Okay, here are some thoughts and a prediction as usual.

1. That was a little We-Todd-Ed


I was a bit surprised about how Todd did in this episode, only because his actions seemed incongruous with his normal self. For as long as we’ve known him, he’s been extremely professional, careful and cold-ass-blooded. In the opening of the episode, however, he’s kinda noob. First of all, he leaves a message for Walt namedropping Declan and some other dealers about there having been a “change in management” but that “it’s all worked out” (classic Todd, not giving a fuck). Normally we see people leaving more cryptic messages or at least destroying their phones and stuff, but the information he gives could theoretically show up as evidence later on. I doubt the writers would get Walt caught like that because it’s overdone and too obvious, but you’d think Todd would know to be more careful.

Additionally, we see this dude talking hella loud and cavalier-like in the cafe about the train heist, which no one was supposed to know about (which is why he shot the kid in the fucking head in the first place). I know it’s his to his uncle and associates, who aren’t likely to flip or anything, but we’ve seen lack of foresight lead to problems in the past, so this bro doesn’t have very long in my opinion. Todd may have flown a bit too close to the sun. Anyway, it just seemed inconsistent cause Todd’s been a paragon of professionalism and preparedness during the season. I’m sure something big will happen next time though, because it was one of the only cold opens we’ve seen that doesn’t get addressed during the episode.

2. Walt’s almost done with the People Who Want Him Dead Gauntlet!


When Marie tells Walt that he should kill himself at the Mexican restaurant, she completes the family quadfecta of those who have wished death upon Walter. Skyler says it when she is just “waiting for the cancer to come back” and chain-smoking early season 5; Hank says it two episodes ago via “Good – rot in hell you son of a bitch” when Walt tells him cancer’s back; even Walt Jr. says it in season 1 or 2 when his dad’s refusing treatment “then just fucking d-die already!” Walt himself even attempts suicide in the pilot.

All other main characters, save for one, have wished death upon Walt. Jesse points a gun at his head and almost shoots in the penultimate episode of S4 when accusing him of poisoning Brock (and being right). (He also is currently in the process of setting Walt’s house on fire, which qualifies too in my mind). Gus tries to get rid of Walt by turning Jesse against him and even directly stating his intentions during his walk from Mexico with Jesse in 4.11. Mike tries to kill Walt in the s3 finale by taking him into the lab before Walt has Jesse pop Gale in response. Of the main characters, only Saul has not gone on record after Walt’s head. This might qualify as ironic, because last episode, Walt threatens to send Saul to Belize – the only person Walt has directly threatened. A key component of this episode is that Saul’s allegiances lie with Walt over Jesse, yet he may have cost himself by admitting the cigarette incident to Jesse and directly putting Walt in danger. Basically this plot is thick as fuck.

3. Dayenu


In the language of Jew, we have this thing during Passover where we talk about all the dope shit that God pulled to get us out of Egypt with the phrase Dayenu (“it would have been enough”). Cause basically he had to do like a bunch of miracles, and each one would have been sufficient but he went above and beyond, like plaguing the Pharoah & co., parting the red sea, feeding the Jews in the desert, etc. Allegedly, of course. Personally I think the tale of Exodus has some plot holes but maybe that’s just me. Anyway I was thinking about Dayenu to describe Breaking Bad in light of this episode, because the series would have been completely fine if Jesse had never found out about what had actually happened with Walt and Brock last season.

I thought it would be very difficult to Jesse to actually uncover the truth, especially after he “found” the ricin cig in the Roomba in 5.01 which should have tied up all loose ends. I don’t want to go into detail about what happened and exactly how his thought process worked, but suffice it to say that it was extremely well done and that everyone on the internet talking shit about how he had not enough information is just wrong. Remember that his initial suspicion when Brock got poisoned was that Walt was behind it, so all this episode did was confirm that belief, not change his mind.

Anyway, I always figured that just as Jesse would have no way of finding out about Walt’s involvement in the Brock poisoning, so would he have no way of finding out about Jane, but now I’m not so sure. If Jesse somehow did find out that Walt was behind Jane’s death, he would have to die because he would definitely attempt to kill Walt, and Walt’s gonna live. I’m not sure how this would pan out, but if the writers allow Jesse to find out about Brock but not Jane, Dayenu.

Random prediction of the week: Okay, well I was wrong last time, though I figure Walt Jr. is gonna find out about Pops either next episode or the episode after that. Another prediction I have is that Jesse will not end up setting the White home on fire, but not because Jr. or Holly will be in the house, but because he’ll reach into his pocket for his lighter and realize that Huell frisked that as well. That shifty nimble-handed chubby-ass motherfucker stole his lighter, and Jesse will be really upset and will go outside to vent over a cigarette, and won’t be able to because he still doesn’t have a fucking lighter.

That’s not my prediction of the week though. I think that the very last scene of Breaking Bad is going to be someone getting ricined. Who’s it going to be? It’s got to be someone completely unexpected, otherwise they wouldn’t have put the flash forward at the beginning of 5.09. Only because it would be the sickest call ever if I were right, I’m going to go with….Walt’s mother.

Have a good week.


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