Lahiri vs. Leotard: The Mindy Project returns for Season 2!

GUESS WHO’S BACK? Only my favorite new money instagrammer / lady writer / comedian / human: Mindy Kaling. Also, all of the dudes in her bro-posse of boy-men. THE WHOLE DAMN GANG.

In case you’re behind (*judging you*), below is a lil’ recap of The Mindy Project Season 1, FOX’s only new comedy to get picked up for a Season 2 last year. BECAUSE IT IS THE BESTTTTT (comedy on Network TV right now #RIPHappyEndings). Not a big surprise, considering a handful of awesome writers from 30 Rock headed to FOX to join the staffs of Mindy and New Girl when Liz Lemon was no more. Yeah, all those jokes about Mindy being a little boy when she cut her hair sound a little more familiar now, right?

This season, the writers should be increasing luuuurve tension between Mindy and D-Money Castellano, because it would be so New Girl 2.0 of them to wait until the end of the Season for Mindy and Danny to get together. I will be with this show until the end (provided they don’t cast Katherine Heigl as a romantic rival for Mindy) either way, but I could dig some Danny-Mindy makeouts in the near future.

That being said, there were no Danny-Mindy makeouts in the Season 2 premiere, which aired early on Hulu Plus and other internet places, but will be on FOX on Tuesday if you’re a plebeian who watches TV when you’re supposed to. Obvi I have watched it three times already. Here are my (pretty much overwhelmingly positive) thoughts. Spoilers included. Duh.

1. I have lots of issues with James Franco, but I was pretty down with his portrayal of Dr. Paul Leotard: Gynecologist, Nutritionist, Sex Therapist, and more! Excited to see Mindy and Franco get down and dirty as they fight over the “Dr. L” title. #LeotardvsLahiri

"So, where are YOU going to work?" "Here."

“So, where are YOU going to work?” “Here.”

2. While we’re on the subject of Franco, let’s talk about Danny’s love life. Can we get Chloe Sevigny out of here already? I dislike her and I’m not convinced by the “Danny doesn’t want to have sex with her” plot because I don’t know how anyone would ever want to have sex with her. That being said, her presence was made worth it by this “watch my sperm swim on this iPad” scene:

james franco sperm

3. Favorite ancillary office character: Tamara.


4. I just… really really really really love Mindy’s priorities. Important news:


Less important news:


5. LOVELY AND RELATABLE #PASADENA MOMENT THAT TOUCHED MY HEART: after Casey proposes to Mindy, when discussing their wedding plans:

“It’s cool if we get married at my country club in Pasadena right? It’s just that my Grandma thinks my Grandpa’s ghost still roams the Trophy Room there, so.”

This lil' hoodrat comes from a racist white Pasadena family! Now I love him even MORE.

This lil’ hoodrat comes from a racist white Pasadena family! Now I love him even MORE.

6. Morgan is still the funniest character on this show.



…especially when paired with Beverly.

tumblr_mt2w4wzApn1qz7o2oo1_500 tumblr_mt2w4wzApn1qz7o2oo2_5007. I am ready for Mindy and Danny to make out already.


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