Bring Bak DEA: 5.14 “Ozymandias” recap

I think I’m gonna keep this relatively brief. Sunday’s episode was the culmination of the entire series, with severe bombs dropping on Hank, Jesse, Jr., Marie, Walt. One could clamor “Bring bak DEA!” but Gomie and Schrader-bra ain’t coming back. Perfect thing to watch after seeing my Niners get blown out, because this episode was as good as that game was bad, and as painful as that game was painful. I have no problem with the assertion that it was the best episode of TV ever – I don’t know if it deserves all of the credit though, because it wouldn’t have been possible without the table-setting that preceded it. Now there are only two left, so I’ll just say some things that might happen:

1. Jesse has positive Lydia karma


I don’t particularly care for Jesse at this point, but anyone who says they don’t want him to escape is obviously lying, and I think he will. Remember back in the train-robbing episode, or the ending of the one before, Mike was positive that they should kill Lydia, and Jesse voted that it was a “vote thing” and subsequently voted “no.” He got his way and turned out to be right – Lydia was not lying about the methylamine tracker and was actually looking out for the business. I don’t remember if Lydia knows that Jesse advocated for her behind closed doors, but I do know that karma exists on the show, and that Lydia is one of few loose ends storyline-wise, and they have to settle the Lydia/Todd romance thing anyway. She could end up being a sleeper hero here, emancipating Jesse, who might swoop her over Todd and ride off into the sunset.

Alternatively, Jesse could pull some season 1 Walt shit and make some crazy chemical reaction killing Todd and the Nazis and getting out of there. Either way I don’t see the show ending that poorly for Jesse. Not sure what I base that on, though…it’s not as though things just work themselves out because it’s TV and he’s young and attractive. (For all my hate, I guess I am pretty gay for Jesse – I think that’s 3 recaps in a row I’ve brought up his looks unprompted.)

2. Marie is not in a good spot


Her main source of protection is all dead and stuff. And the Nazis are coming after her, because the evidence implicating them is at her house (Jesse’s confession, where he tells Hank that the Brotherhood offed the 9 guys in prison). Every time anyone in the family has been in danger, Hank or Walt has been able to warn, protect, or act preemptively. This time these bros aren’t around, and unless Jr. is about to do some ridiculously heroic shit, she might be cooked. Plus, she thinks that Walt killed Hank and then disappeared, so she has no reason to think anyone would be after her.

There’s the off-chance that Walt goes back to protect Marie from the Nazis, but the flash-forward seems too far in the future for the Nazis not to have taken care of the problem by then. More likely is that she gets killed, and Walt goes back for revenge. Either way, they were pretty stupid to not kill Walt. They took 68 million of his dollars, killed at least one of his family members, and let him live – I’m not sure what they are expecting.

3. Walt takes the traits of people he kills, except when he doesn’t


People on the internet were so convinced that Walt was going to kill Skyler, and for somewhat good reason. There were a bunch of foreshadowings, like zooming in on her tightening floss around her fingers a few episodes ago (strangling), her choosing knife over phone, the knife struggle, and Walt’s last name being Lambert in the flash-forward. I guess they were all red herrings, and the whole “he kills Skyler bc he takes her last name at Dennys!” theory is debunked. It’s great that as bad as Walt has broken, he has been completely consistently pro-family throughout. He was never going to kill Skyler because that was not within his range. He was willing to give up every cent to save Hank, and made the phone call at the end to completely implicate himself and clear Skyler of all wrongdoing to the police. I don’t know if the writers intentionally had Walt take Skyler’s name to throw us off, but they probably did. They know what we know, and they know how to take advantage of that. Just goes to show how you can’t trust some the analysis of some half-ass clown on the Internet who thinks he knows what he’s talking about just cause he used to get A’s in English class.

Random prediction of the week: Jesus fuck, I don’t know. Jesse escapes at the end of next episode. Todd dies at the hands of Jesse. Marie dies at the hands of Todd. People are going to die in ironic ways. I give up.


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