“One One Six” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

And we’re back.  Have you had a moment to recover from last weeks pretty brutal ending?  Good, cuz it’s only going to go down hill from here.

You bet your ass it is Jax

You bet your ass it is Jax

This week seems to have story lines that fall into one of the three following categories.  We’ve got the “gun” problem, the “revenge” problem, and the “relationship” problem.  Obviously none of the topics in this week’s episode stay in their own category the entire episode, but organizationally it just makes sense that way.  It’s best if we start where we left off last week, I don’t want to confuse you guys already.



As some of you may know (from the season preview at the end of Episode #1) the weapon used in the school shooting is one of the guns that the Sons sold to the Diosa guys.  Arcadio made an oops by giving one of those gun to his old lady Darvany (waddup Samaire Armstrong!) for protection.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, that gun did not end up protecting anyone (especially not one of the two people it was supposed to protect the most).   Arcadio and Nero hash it out, even if part of it was in un-subtitled Spanish.  But we know he’s really sorry, because he says that part in English.


They’re called Men of Mayhem for a reason

Eventually this drama gets back to Jax, via a very stressed conversation with Nero, who knows they’ve gotta get Darvany the hell out of dodge.  A grieving mother who not only lost her son but he also caused the death of 4 other people?  Yeah, not good for club business.  Like they need the feds hanging them up to dry for a school shooting.  Their 1st attempt is foiled due to her wiley nature and junkie ways (and mistrust of an MC with guns, can you blame her?), but at least they now know how to keep her theoretically (and literally) tied to a bed.

Bye bye Dave.

Bye bye Dave.

Their 2nd attempt nearly fails when Darvany goes Rambo on the crew with a shotgun.  It then quickly becomes a Mexican stand off as Darvany and Arcadio attempt to make like a tree and split, but the club knows that can’t happen, so instead, Arcadio gets one to the back of the head (courtesy of his own cousin Nero).  Darvany is still flipping her shit until Jax takes her down and nearly takes her out until Nero steps in.



That saves her life for only so long, as a pillow wielding Juice takes care of the job.  Juice is really going down a dark path these days and it’s clear he is on the struggle bus with his emotions (shout out to the Lady Macbeth allegory at the end of that scene).  He knows it’s for the good of the club, but you can’t help but think it’ll eventually be his undoing.  Or maybe he’ll just disassociate all together and let the “Heisenberg” in him take over.



Tara is home now (after 48 seconds of silence before she and Jax ride off into the abyss).  I didn’t think she had spent that much time in jail, but wow is her head out of the game with Jax.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she cuts her losses and heads for the hills later in the season.  Although things have a way turning out in the exact opposite way as you expected.  Jax tries to convince her that he’s gonna get the club out of guns (flash back to season 5 when he tried to do it the last time, which is why Tara totally does not believe his declaratives).  She’s still pushing for Wendy to become the legal guardian to Thomas and Abel if something should happen to her, but Jax argues that it will never get that far.  We shall see Jax, we shall see.


She meets with lawyer Lowen to discuss her paperwork and talk about her possible…um…divorce apparently?  That was just kind of snuck in there.  But I guess that’s what all that writing was about and that whole pregnancy test thing.  I can’t yet tell if she’s trying to get the boys as far away from the club as possible if she goes back to the clink, or if I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad and think everything is a lie and cover for a reason we will find out later on.  Lowen recommends she wait until after the trial (which is why I think she’s being sneaky with the divorce) and Tara agrees.

Is it over yet?

Is it over yet?

Jax and Tara end their love story this episode with what was quite possibly the most emotionless robotic sex scene I have seen in recent memory.  There’s a lot of feels going on in this scene, but they sure aren’t the ones they have for each other.  This relationship has become the perfect example of saying a lot without saying anything at all.


Because Jax doesn’t have enough on his presidential plate, he’s gotta meet with his IRA besties to work out a deal now that Clay ain’t Prez no mo’.  His attempt to back out of the gun business fails harder than Juice’s attempts to not wear his emotions on his face.  Gaalan gives him a big ol “HA HA nice try, we’ll be shipping you more KG-9s for you to pass out to your comrades.”  He also gives Jax a “I know you probably had something to do with Clay being in the pokey so you could get out of the gun biz” hint, so we’ll see how that plays out (he also wants access to Clay, cuz that always works out so well).  Looks like Jax won’t be able to shake off the Irish gun club as easily as he thought.  To be honest, I’m not sure why he was expecting to just slide out from under them, I wouldn’t think leaving illegal gun running would be as easy as turning in your two week notice.


I want to hurt people too!!

I want to hurt people too!!

Under the influence of Toric, Clay is now on his own “hurting people who hurt people” power trip.  He won’t sign Toric’s agreement to cooperate until he gets what he wants (which is getting in a room with Gemma and Jax so he can rub it in their faces about how he turned them over to the Feds).  Power grabs for all!  He does manage to crack Gemma (which we almost never see).  She’s such a badass all the time, it’s nice to see her be a real human.  Clay doesn’t get his face time with Jax, so he has a case of the sads and the angries, but we know he gets his in next week’s episode (not a spoiler alert, it was in the “next week on Sons of Anarchy” at the end of the episode).


Toric is just as loony toons as ever.  From the wide eyed passive aggressive conversation with DA Patterson to the self mutilation, he’s just falling further off the rails.  Is he even stable enough to stick around (even though he brings up him leaving to every person he gets into a conversation with)?  He’s also not doing a great job of covering his tracks anymore.  But I’m sure that has a purpose (or if not, it’s probably the grief/drugs).   He ultimately forges Clay’s signature on the paperwork and brings it to DA Patterson like a dog with a rabbit in its mouth.  He will not give this up until all of SAMCRO is behind bars or 6 feet under.

A few notes that weren’t necessary to address in the rest of this post but that are still important enough to mention:

Bobby pops up just enough to let us know that he’s still collecting his nomads.  I’d like to say that this is just his course of action, and that he’ll end up in another chapter by the end of the season, but things are never that easy.  Hell, he could end up back in the good graces with Clay, take over the gun business, and push Jax out and become president.  Stranger things have happened on this show.

We have now heard “go legit” in regards to two separate situations in as many episodes.  This could be foreshadowing, or this could me reading too far into things, but it seems like it might be a theme for this season.  Try as they might to go straight and get out of the shadows, there’s always something to keep them from straying too far from the danger.

Nero is starting to come to terms with his involvement with SAMCRO.  He wasn’t prepared for the shroud of death that follows the club and I’m really interested to see how this plays out.  Will he take Gemma with him if he bails?  Will he try to sever ties with the club?  Who knows!  Cuz no one likes spoiler alerts.

And I leave you with my favorite quote of the night “Only one thing more dangerous than a rat, and that’s a junkie rat.”


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