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Introducing: Homeland Week!

Hey Friend-Readers,

Remember when we did Game of Thrones week and Mary and Willie wrote an amazing drinking game and we analyzed and overanalyzed the trailers for the upcoming season?

Yes, it did help that the Game of Thrones premiere didn’t leak early, but since we were too busy watching/anagramming Breaking Bad to tune in before Showtime got its shit together and took that ish off the Internet, we’re super duper excited to watch Homeland on Sunday.

Introducing: Homeland week. In which we will, once again, get you pumped for SEASON THREE. (Also the Breaking Bad finale, but that’s what DVR’s are for.)

Cool, so. There will be SO MUCH FUN STUFF ON THE BLOG THIS WEEK. There will be recaps and trailer analyses. Rachel will, once again, help you combat your binge-watching fatigue.

There will be Inigo Montoya jokes.


There will be Claire Danes crying.

There will be links to SNL. Or rather, just this one, cause it’s my fave.

There will be drinking and drinking games. Obviously. In fact, we will be drinking exclusively white wine and listening to jazz while we write these, just to get ourselves in the mood.

brody brody brody saul

There will be GIFs and GIFs and GIFs.

claire cries 1 claire cries 2

And after the premiere, there will be recaps. Because we love those.

We hope you’ll stay tuned.


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