Da Big Banker: Recap of 5.15 “Granite State”

This was definitely the saddest episode of the entire series, which says a lot, considering how much fucked up shit happened just last week. The combination of Jesse being a cook slave and coming so close to escaping, only to have the worst possible thing happen as a consequence – to Walt losing weight, cold and alone in buttfuck nowhere and his ring falling off – to the ascension and utter domination, seemingly out of nowhere, by the most terrible people we’ve seen on the show. At least good old Heisenberg’s coming back to town to settle the score. And speaking of the score, how pumped up were you when we heard the extended Breaking Bad intro theme at the end of the episode? Let’s go!

1. Brock Bottom


The two protagonists officially hit their lowest of lows. People seem to think Jesse is going to find a way to escape, or that he’ll be able to pull some chemical reaction to kill Todd and Jack like Walt did in the pilot. He might get out, but he absolutely doesn’t have an ace up his sleeve. If he did, he would have used it before the Nazis killed his de facto family. Out of guilt, Jesse’s going to keep cooking just to keep Brock alive. He completely doesn’t give a shit about his own life anymore; that goes without saying.

Walt’s just as boned. I was feeling so bad for the dude throughout the episode. He’s getting skinny, he is forced to have chemo only once a month, and the disappearer guy fucked it up which probably sent a bunch of blood everywhere (Gilligan is a sadist but at least he had the heart not to show that shit on camera). Finally, he has a great idea to send a meager one percent of his money to his kid, but Jr. won’t even take it and tells him to fuck off. Looks like Da Big Banker can’t really do shit with all his funds.

In spite of all of that, I still think the saddest moment of the episode…well, Andrea getting shot was obviously the saddest, but when Walt offers the disappearer $10,000 to hang out for an extra two hours, that really got to me. If that wasn’t brutal enough, the guy negotiates it down to one hour, SAME PRICE, and Walt agrees. He’s not the most likable dude at this point, but you have to feel for him. He’s so ronery.

2. Saying nothing of the fact that they’re Nazis


God, how shitty are the Nazis? Every single viewer of the show is unequivocally rooting for Walt, as many terrible things as he’s done, to come back and waste the Nazis. They’re the scummiest characters I’ve ever seen – pure evil on a show entirely focused on moral gray areas and people trying to do the right thing but making questionable decisions along the way. In that way, they’re a little bit incongruous to the show’s theme, but that makes them so much more terrifying; they’re not limited by their humanity at all in the same way Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Mike, Hank, Gus, or even Saul are. They’ll shoot a kid in the face. They’ll kill some dude’s mom. They’ll steal 70 million dollars just cause it’s money. They don’t give a fuck.

They’re the worst people ever. PLUS they’re fucking Nazis. They hate Jews, Blacks and anyone of non-Aryan descent just because of the color of their skin and the way they were born. It’s 2013, for crying out loud! I hope that Brad Pitt and BJ Novak break into the camp and scalp all of those [dick/skin]-heads in the finale.

3. And the ricin is for….


It is crazy how little idea I have. Originally I predicted Walt’s Mom, but that was obviously retarded. Then I was starting to think, a few weeks back, that it’d be for Gretchen, which seemed to make a lot of sense after this ending. But I’m not sure. It seemed like Gretchen and Elliot were there in the show just to piss Walt off and drive him to seek revenge on those who wronged him in ABQ. And if he is that pissed at Gretch and Ell, he’ll just go to their house and pop ’em in the face like a man. The scene also let him know that Jesse was still alive and cooking blue, which may have hurt his pride as well, or impacted his plans one way or another.

I think Walt is going to go to town with his M60 and try to kill all of the Nazis somehow, maybe with the help of Badger and Skinny Pete, who he knows might be down to try to save Jesse? Once those guys are done, he’s gonna have a meeting with Lydia, cause she’s a greedy fucking douchebag too and who would theoretically be the last loose end. He almost ricined her at the end of 5.08; maybe it’s time she met her maker. Maybe in the very last scene, she’ll remark on the odd, “Tangier Taste” of her tea. (That’s a bonus anagram for “Granite State” at no extra charge.)

Final Prediction: Jesse is going to kill Walt at the end of the finale. That would be fair, poetic, ironic, questionably moral (which will give everyone an opportunity to debate after the show’s end). After Walt rescues him, he’ll think he’s in the clear but Jesse is going to pop him because he blames Walt for Andrea’s death.

Not sure how all these Nazis die, though. They seem to be pretty heavy favorites right now to make it out of all of this on top, and I’m not sure one Heisenberg, even with a couple cronies, can take them all out.


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