“Poenitentia” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

And we’re back for another installment of “holy shit can they really do this on TV?!”

Yes Juice, really.

Yes Juice, really.

“Poenitentia” keeps it’s headlights on the stories of just a few of our cast of characters this week.  There are always multiple layers involving everyone at some point, but the main focus this week was a couple of winners (just like the Emmy’s!)



Let’s start this tale of intrigue with everyone’s favorite pill addicted psychopath Toric.  If you remember from last week, he invited a Diosa girl (who looks suspiciously like his deceased sister) to his 1-star motel room for some type of lovin’ that Shakespeare would think up.  Clearly paranoid about all of the things, Toric grabs his gun after hearing a knock at the door.  The lady of the night makes a big no-no and ends up getting a bullet in the stomach (and then two to the head).  Some people seem to think this was on purpose, but I have a feeling if he really meant to shoot her (the first time) it would have played out differently.  He’s just such a sociopathic manipulator, he found a way to use her death to his advantage in the blink of an eye.

Sure, I'll put faith in you crazy man

Sure, I’ll put faith in you crazy man

Toric helps DA Patterson connect the dots between Darvany, Arcadio, Nero, Jax, and the gun. This can only mean bad things for Nero, who “mistreats” his ladies, according to Toric.  Addicts always make the best liars.  But first, he decides to start with two of Nero’s guys in an attempt to find Darvany and Arcadio.  This scene explains perfectly why your parents always tell you not to open things with your teeth.  I hope the boys like applesauce cuz that’s all they’re going to be eating for a long time.

After a pretty stoic (but also kind of emotional) talk between Jax and Clay (where Clay claims he hasn’t flipped the club to the marshals yet), Jax goes on the offensive in a scene that could best be described as a soliloquy to a one-way mirror.  He knows that Toric is on the other side, but there are definitely moments where it seems like he’s talking to himself.

You're going to feel how personal this is for me.

You’re going to feel how personal this is for me.

This really has no effect on him, since nothing will stop Toric from taking down SAMCRO for the death of his sister.  Clay has now turned to stone and won’t give up the club, despite Toric’s repeated reminders of how the club royally fucked him over.  After the disappointment of losing Clay (for now) he formulates his plans to get Nero.  A guy has got to have options.  His arc wraps up this week as we watch him plant evidence in Nero’s truck, while the rarely seen this season, Deputy Eli, finds the body of the dead Diosa girl.


Orange is so last week.  I'm all about blue these days.

Orange is so last week. I’m all about blue these days.

As we all know, Clay has decided to not turn state’s witness against SAMCRO and try his luck in the Stockton prison yard.  His apologies to Gemma and Jax seem to be his version of poenitentia (repentance in Latin) knowing that he will probably soon be dead at the hands of August Marks’ team of guys in gen pop.  But there’s a twist!  Turns out there’s a way can earn his freedom, by shanking the head of the Aryan brotherhood (or you know, the white guy gang in prison).  He’s bought his life for now, but we’ll find out how long that lasts.


Ladies, ladies, what’s going on these days?  Is there a competition with the guys to see who can be the sketchiest of the sketch?  At least we know they’re equals in this show.


Notice her clearly fake bruise on her neck. Good cover Wendy.

Wendy is back with a real shaky story about some dude with prison tats who is coming to get her.  Although at first I was inclined to believe her, upon reflection, it’s clear that this is some sort of ruse (which is confirmed at the end of the episode with her washing off the make up she poorly applied to look like a bruise).  She just pops up out of nowhere like a whack-a-mole and wants help from Jax?  Pretty sure I wouldn’t want help from the guy forcibly injected me with drugs to not get custody of his children.

Gemma somehow believes her and hands over one of her guns from her infamous hat box.  My prediction is that she’s going to use the gun in someway to get back at Jax and Gemma.  I can’t imagine she actually wants to get custody of the kids, but if that’s what needs to be done to take Jax and Gemma down, I wouldn’t put it past her.


After her very brief mention of a pregnancy test at the beginning of episode 2, it turns out Tara is “pregnant” (imagine those are air quotes, they really convey so much more).  I use “air quote” pregnant since I’m still not entirely convinced she is.  She asks Gemma to keep it a secret which HELLO GEMMA CANNOT KEEP SECRETS AND YOU KNOW THIS (despite her claims that secrets are what she does).  She also let’s Jax find out via the results on the kitchen table.  It just seems all so set up.  And it really wouldn’t be too hard for her to get one doctored up.  On one hand she could totally be pregnant and is now just stuck and doesn’t give a fuck about getting out anymore, or she’s using it to protect herself so she can divorce Jax and keep the kids away from Gemma.  Anything and everything is possible.



The Ghanezi brothers are back!  Well, at least the one that is not rotting at the bottom of the bay in a hooker cage.  After the porn bros shoot up Barosky’s bakery, the boys and head back down to the docks to have a little chit chat.  I don’t know why they still try to convince themselves they can handle things with words.  It never works out!  Prime example of this is when Barosky whips out a pocket knife and does a little slice and dice on one of the porn guys.   The sons keep their fingers crossed that this is the last they’ll hear from the torture porners as they presumably float away on their yacht with a dead body.  No one likes to sail alone.

Back at the bunny ranch, Jax goes to visit Colette to make sure she’s okay (a.k.a maybe get some more action after his super disappointing encounter with Tara at the end of the last ep).   We then all get to witness the unholy act of watching Peter Weller get ridden by a clearly faking it Colette.

You like what you see?

You like what you see?

That glare he gives Jax?!  UGH gives me the chills, in the “things that cannot be unseen” way.  There’s definitely a power play here, and for the first time I don’t think Jax has a chance of coming out on top of this one.  The only thing more powerful than a cop, is a dirty cop, and Barosky is clearly one of the dirtiest (in more ways than one, ICK).  Barosky is just silently (and disgustingly) reminding Jax that he’s still a little boy amongst men, and should never overstep is boundaries.


This is a small part of the episode, but it has the most emotional impact.  Here’s a little refresher course for those of you who don’t remember/maybe missed something (which is really easy to do with this show).


At the beginning of season 5, the now deceased Pope brutally murdered Tig’s daughter while he made him watch (in revenge for the murder of his own daughter in season 4).   Wanting to have his cake and eat it too, Pope wanted to keep Tig in jail to let him suffer, but Jax found a way to get Tig out all while claiming he would give him up once his task (getting Clay out of the club) was done.  Long story short, Jax has found ways to keep Tig alive (and Clay too), but it might not be for long.  August wants to hold true to Pope and enact his own sort of revenge.

Jax realizes that Tig took out the Ghanezi brother, and is now aware that he might be a liability for bringing heat on the club.  After Jax gives him the kiss of death, Tig heads off to the docks under the guise of cleaning up.  Our final scene of the episode is Tig being confronted by August and his guys after Jax handed over his location.  To be totes honest, I think Tig lives.  It would be too easy to just hand him over to August and take him out at the beginning of the next episode.  He’s not out of the woods, but I think he gets to keep on Tigging out for at least a little bit longer.  I don’t think Kurt wants to incite a riot amongst the viewers quite yet.


-Bobby is still on his way collecting his fellow nomadic wanters to get his own chapter going.  There are still no indications on where this is going.  I think Kurt has something really big in store for Bobby, considering he’s been a club member as long as Clay.  I just haven’t the diddliest of what it might be.

-Gemma was suspiciously on good behavior this episode.  Turning a new leaf?  Probably not.  Gemma does what Gemma wants, so I can’t imagine she’ll play this nice for long.

And now I would like to introduce to you a new feature of the SOA recaps.


Death by numbers

The death count!  That’s right folks, you can now keep track at home of how many people have died.  You’ll get the total for each episode, and the total so far over the season.  Anyone want to take any bets on how many there will be by the end of the season?  Actually, it’s probably better not to, it’s kind of really depressing.

Death Count:

Total for episode: 3

Total for season so far: 7 (not including the people killed in the shooting at the school.  I’m just going to stick to characters with names.)

That does it for me today folks.  Until next week.


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