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Homeland Fatigue + How to Combat It

Oooh, my affliction. My affliction, it ails me.

Readers, I’m sick. I’m stricken with a terrible illness. At first, I thought it might just be Game of Thrones specific, but now, upon further inspection, I see that my condition extends to all kind of TV shows. That’s right. I have the Fatigue. The Television Fatigue.

It is most unfortunate that I, as a television blogger, have this illness. I start a show, get embroiled, and then am unable or unwilling to keep going. This is also unfortunate because, as you know by now, HOMELAND is returning this Sunday. And I am determined to keep up.


Luckily, I have been stricken with Homeland Fatigue before, and honorably overcame it. So here are some tales and tips that I hope will help you in your righteous struggle to follow the perils and conquests of Carrie, Brody, and Inigo Montoya.

Q: What is Homeland Fatigue?

A: The phenomenon of binge watching Homeland, followed by an inability to keep watching. May be due to: a) overexposure b) boredom c) an insufficient show hook/cliffhanger d) a show “jump the shark” moment e) homeland doing something really stupid like revealing the main mystery and intrigue in the middle of a season.

These things can be tiring. Sometimes you just want to lay back and relax like a ginge, you know?

These things can be tiring. Sometimes you just want to lay back and relax like a ginge, you know?

Q: Why should you attempt to combat Homeland fatigue?

A: Because Homeland is awesome. Even if they sometimes do stupid things, it consistently delivers if you give it a chance. It’s overall a great investment of your TV time- plus, you don’t want to be left out of The Internet (or the awards show fun!) for the next 10 weeks.

Q: How did you overcome Homeland fatigue?

A: My love affair with Homeland started by happy accident. My dear Netflix-subscribing parents rented the first Homeland disc in the mail, and I happened to be over for a weekend visit when my mother decided to take the plunge into the jazz-filled world of Carrie and Chardonnay. Naturally, I was hooked, and by the GRACE of God @offtothegraces provided me with the rest of the Season 1 discs. I proceeded to venture into season 2 up until the Big Reveal. At that point, it was 3 in the morning and I really needed to go to sleep.

That was it, for me and Homeland, for a while. I felt no need to return until one day several months later when there were no good episodes of Covert Affairs on TV and the Netflix Rom Com selection was seriously lacking.  I remembered that I didn’t really know what happened to Carrie and Brody and their lurve. And I remembered Dana’s pouty-ness and Saul’s sweet, sweet beard. So I overcame Homeland fatigue like I began Homeland indeed: by accident.

On powering through...

As Jesse Pinkman would say: “Power through, Bitch.”

Q: But how can you rely on that to help you with YOUR Homeland Fatigue?

A: You can’t. Which is why I’m here. To remind you of all the reasons you want to watch the premiere of Homeland Season 3.

1. The David Estes memorial service. Who will attend it if not you?

2. Carrie’s chin-wobble. Will she or won’t she TOTALLY LOSE HER SHIT?!


3. Brody’s tight-lippedness. Will he be able to talk to anyone, even in Canada?

brody 1brody 2

Unlikely. Also he’s bald now. But we didn’t post that cause he’s sexier as a ginge.

4. Saul’s eyes…

tumblr_msx7cst6KS1rx24aao1_400 tumblr_msx7cst6KS1rx24aao2_400

5. Rupert Friend wants to SHOOT SOMEONE and that someone is probably Brody. Oh, and he looks sexy when he holds a gun.


6. The possibility that Nick Brody’s son – what is his name again? Oh right, Chris… right? – gets to do something besides leave the room! Homeland’s next Joffrey Baratheon, perhaps?

7. So you don’t have to avoid every blog ever.


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