“Wolfsangel” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 4

Well gee golly gosh that was one doozy of an episode.  There were a whole lot of happenings happening and my head is still spinning.   This was one hell of a rollercoaster ride and I hope everyone kept their hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

I know Jax.  It was a lot to take in this episode

I know Jax. It was a lot to take in.

As usual, this episode can be broken down into three categories.  We’ve got club life, prison/law trouble life, and domestic/love life.


He's alive!

He’s alive!

I suppose I’ll start with everyone’s favorite development in this episode.  Let’s have a round of applause for the still alive TIG TRAGER.  He survived his encounter with August and his cronies, which catches Jax completely off guard.  Tig seems to be catching onto something when he asks Jax if they’re good, which gets a very awkward response.

Oh yeah everything is totally cool all the time yeah I mean we're fine why do you ask?

Oh yeah everything is totally cool all the time yeah I mean we’re fine why do you ask?

Jax goes to meet with August to find out why exactly Tig is alive, which turns out to be another deal point in the new August Marks industry.  Jax gives them the gun pipeline, Tig gets to live.  Easy right?  No, it is never that easy.  I’m sure there will be many a snag in this plan down the line.

Nazi time

Nazi time.

You know what’s also never that easy?  The Aryans.  Due to Clay’s neck jabbing of the head of the white power prison players, the neo-Nazi’s are now on the war path.  They start by marking up Unser with the Nazi “hooks” (aka Wolfsangel).  Of course that doesn’t fly with the club as Unser is their unspoken mascot.  That guy has gotten them out of more trouble than you can fathom.

The boys head out to find their former-meth-dealing-white-power buddy, Ernest Darby (from Seasons 1-3), to help them hunt down the dudes who tried to exact revenge on Unser.  Much to Darby’s chagrin, Jax manages to convince him to help out with the cover.


Thank you Kurt Sutter.  I was starting to miss this part of the show.  For it being so brutal, he always manages to find a little bit of light to interject into the show.  Tig has always been a source of comedic relief, but I suppose they had to take a break from that while he mentally recovered from the seriously brutal loss of his daughter.  I mean let’s get real, he’s never gonna get over it (as evidenced by his explanation to Mr. Nazi about why he wanted to be a member), but at least he’s starting to show a little bit of his Tiggy former self.


But of course, the humor only lasts for so long, since, well this is Sons of Anarchy, and shit has to keep hitting the fan.  The Nazis go bye bye, but I’m wondering if they’ll still be a character this season.  They had a really great arc in earlier seasons, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the last we heard of them (well at least the ones that aren’t dead).

I told you it wouldn't be easy!

I told you it wouldn’t be easy!

One group that definitely won’t get away that easy?  The Irish.  San Bernadino said thanks but no thanks to the gun deal, even after Jax got Gaalan all hot and bothered about it.  Of course now that means Gaalan really isn’t going to let go of his choo-choo train of gun money.  In his attempt to pull away without a replacement, Jax ends up screwing the club more than he thought possible.  Maybe getting out of guns isn’t the way to go?  It seems the more Jax tries to get out, the worse it gets.

Be careful what you wish for Jax

Be careful what you wish for, Jax.

After Gaalan takes Jax’s threat literally (RIP Filthy Phil and V-Lin) the sons are now left with 2 chopped up bodies and a whole load of KG-9s that they need to dump.  Thankfully they’ve got a now empty (if you don’t count dead bodies as occupying a space) Nazi compound to make all their hardships go away.

Burn baby burn

Burn Baby Burn

Beyond the Gaalan problem, Chibbs is now on the offensive with Jax.  Chibbs sees Jax following in the footsteps of Clay. Hmm, wonder why he thinks that? Maybe it’s the killing of innocent people or the decision-making without the approval of the club. The point is, Chibbs realizes he’s starting to lose Jax.


Of course his plea to Jax only gets Chibbs pushed further away from what his president is thinking.  I see this coming to a head soon, as Chibbs can only hold is tongue for so long.  He’s becoming a sort of  moral compass for the club.  He wants to keep things as they were, not watch his club burn to the ground.


As if there weren’t enough crazy with just the club, there are issues abound this episode in our characters home life.  The ladies of anarchy are really holding up their end of the secrets and backstabbing this season.  So House of Cards of them.


We find out that Wendy is actually working with Tara and her lawyer, Lowen, to help with Tara’s divorce of Jax and her attempt to get the hell away from the club.  Unfortunately for Wendy, this means she’s gotta get in good with Gemma by sharing her “concerns” about Tara taking the boys out of Charming.  Tara is definitely up to something real fishy.  I’m going to assume that Tara wants Wendy to befriend Gemma so she can be one step ahead of the infamous grandmother.  I mean she called them her children in the heat of the moment, so yeah I’d want to be in the loop about her plans too.

Your kids?  Exsqueeze me??

Your kids? Exsqueeze me??


As if I don’t say this every single recap, Toric is still on the train to crazyville.  Where will it stop (recap spoiler alert, this episode)?  His mission to take down Nero to get to Jax is a go when he brings up the dead Diosa girl Erin to DA Patterson.  He might be lying through his teeth but it’s only because he wants to get revenge for his sister.  How noble!

Eli and Nero talk about Erin when Eli decides to let him go after Nero drops a hint unknowingly.  Sensing that this situation is a little too perfect to be real, Eli decides to start digging into Toric’s past.  Nero has been around the block and Eli realizes there is no way that he’d be so willing to come to the police station with his car full of evidence.  We all know how well these guys can clean up a crime scene, he wouldn’t let blood smears get him into trouble.  It smells like a set up.


On the awkward car ride after the interview, Nero lays it out for Gemma.  As I’ve said before, he’s really starting to feel the effect of hooking up with SAMCRO.  He’s no prude, but he can’t help but see the writing on the wall that it’s only gonna do downhill from here.  He wants Gemma to come with him if he has to bail, but she’s clearly conflicted since her whole effort has been to make sure her grandkids stay in Charming.  It’d be a little hard to look after them if she packed up and moved to a new city.


Toric is obviously too busy still trying to get Clay to sign the paperwork for DA Patterson to realize he’s being investigated by Eli.  He tries to tempt Clay with witness protection, and then turns on a dime and threatens him that he’ll do to him what he’s been doing to Otto.  Toric makes a huge mistake by taking Clay to see Otto while he’s pretty much incapacitated in a prison hospital bed.  He thinks he’s being smart by showing Clay what his future is, but Clay is one step ahead and slips the shiv (or is it a shank?  Or is it to shank someone with a shiv? Anyone know the correct term?!) Clay might do stupid things sometimes, but he is one very smart man.


Anyways, Toric gets shanked by a shiv or shived by a shank by the very damaged Otto.  What a fitting way for Otto to take Toric out.  And really what a fitting way for Otto to get taken out as well.  As Kurt was quoted saying he felt that the only way for Otto to go out is by bloody violence.  He spent so much time hurting so many people in such a brutal way, there was no way for his life to end with any peace.

Now that Toric is dead, it’ll be interesting to see who becomes the villain of this season.  Originally Donal Logue was supposed to stay the entire time, but due to contract restrictions, his character is now dead on an office chair in a prison hospital room.  I’m excited to see who will take his place.  Maybe DA Patterson?  Maybe the Nazis?  Maybe the Irish?  Or D. all of the above?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The Death Count:

This episode: 4 (i’m not including the Nazi’s, but if you’re playing for specifics then i’d put this episode’s total at 9)

Eps so far: 11

Until next week kiddies!


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