Top 10 Sexiest Un-Sexy Male TV Characters

It’s Friday. You’re dying for free bevvies via the questionable guy next to you at the bar. Hang in there, my hard working womens. Before we shower, shave, and pregame, snack on this delectable selection of your secretly favorite men of the TV.

10. Frank Rossitano: The unsexiest of sexy unsexy characters. 30 Rock proved that even Frank can be a total ladies man. Hey, Jenna Maroney went there, so… can we? What’s not to love about a man with an endless hat collection?


9. Detective Charles Boyle: With each airing of Brooklyn 99 we love Mr. Boyle more and more. His mild, nervous demeanor makes us giddy with affection. Sexy like a lap dog, but still sexy, no?


8. Keenan Thompson: Admit it, you’ve loved him since All That. He has barely aged from Nick at Nite to SNL (many decades in there, hello genes you might to capitalize on).


7. Tim and Eric: If you’re anything like us, you’re into men with a sense of humor. There’s something so downright respectable about a guy who’s willing to embarrass himself whole-heartedly for the world to see.

Nothing wrong with male spandex, ladies. Look into it.

Nothing wrong with male spandex, ladies. Look into it.

6. Abed Nadir: something about a man child who lives unabashedly in his own world. If only he’d let us join him in the fun…


5. The GEEKS: You’ve heard it before, smart is sexy! These boys will grow up to be the nice guys who you’ll realize are worth dating after endless failed asshole relationships. Don’t leave them waiting for too long. One of them might grow up to be a super cool pink-eye surviving member of the modern day rat-pack (see Knocked Up. Just see it.)


4. Carlton Banks: Ok, ok, ok, hang on. Stay with us here. Standing next to pretty boy Will Smith, yeah, you might have a hard time showing the world your sexy nerdy sex appeal. But… that dancing. Those sweaters tied so delicately around his neck.

Carlton Dancing

Back to the smart is sexy point. Proven.

3. Hello there. 


Tyrion Lannister: Is HOT people! Need more proof? Watch Game of Thrones, maybe drink a little bit, and get on the Tyrion Lannister train. Not short. Vertically challenged. Ok?

2. Walter White


Money + Genius. Enough said.

You’re so down. You don’t even know how down you are. Just accept it.

1. Tony Soprano: Nothing better than a mob boss with a heart.


Whether or not you approve of his… illicit activity, doesn’t it make him that much hotter?! That receding hairline, those tree trunk thighs, that layer of body hair we all want to snuggle up in and call home. RIP, my sweet Gandolfini.

In conclusion, old white men. Who knew? Not usually my type buttttt… am I wrong?

Go ahead, disagree with me.


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