Lyrics to Destiny’s Child “Bug-A-Boo” (1999), in Order of Most Dated to Least Dated

Oh Destiny’s Child, you’ve been our cultural compass and awesomeness aspiration for 3 decades now. Remember when there were 4 of you? Neither do we, but anyway, you turned out some pretty cool OG Bangerz (sry Miley), notably Bug-A-Boo.


Sup, LeToya?! Michelle, you look DIFFERENT!

What is a Bug-A-Boo, you ask? Well, it is a chart-topping Destiny’s Child hit, but it is also, according to Urban Dictionary, a “gurl or guy who don’t leave u alone.” Luckily, Destiny’s Child gave us some instructions for how to deal with these dating pariahs. Unluckily, their advice is now almost 15 years old in a time where our lives have changed completely because of TECHNOLOGYYY, whoahhh.

So definitely crank the volume on this classic, but be warned, you might need to adjust for technological inflation. Here are the Lyrics to Destiny’s Child’s “Bug-A-Boo” (1999), in order of Most Dated to Least Dated.

  1. “Tell MCI to cut the phone calls”*
  2. “You be stressin’ me, callin’ me, pagin’ my beeper, you’re just non-stop.”
  3. “You make me wanna throw my pager out the window.”
  4. “Have AOL make my emails stop.”
  5. “When I’m blockin’ your phone number you call me over from your best friend’s house.”
  6. “You buggin’ me and don’t you see it ain’t cool.”**
*MCI was acquired by Verizon in 2006.
**Men continue to invade women’s space and privacy and continue to see no problem with it. Not dated.
*This post brought to you by the hilarious Emily. Peruse her tumblr for more of her amazing thoughts. And tweet at her to petition for more cultural criticism.

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