“The Mad King” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

Well Sons of Anarchy took a hell of a turn this week.  Who knew Kurt Sutter was into having the guys do a singing competition?  Maybe it’s a new way for them to make money since they’re trying to get out of guns?  And since when are there guys from the South in the Sons?  What was that?  I was watching the Voice?   Oops wrong show.

Don't your roll your eyes at me Chibs

Don’t give me that look, Chibs.

Just kidding!  My knuckles are still white from last night’s episode.  Pretty sure Mr. Sutter is trying to give us all PTSD.  Without further ado, lets get ourselves into the trenches.


Even though Toric is dead and gone, D.A. Patterson still has a lady-boner for connecting the Sons to the gun that was used in the school shooting.  Patterson and Eli discuss their game plan of getting to Nero to get to the club.  But we still don’t know if Eli will actually try to pin the murder of the Diosa girl on Nero, or if he’s just going to use the threat of it to get him to turn. Something to think about: who forged that DNA report? We all saw Toric whispering sweet-but-creepy nothings – “I promise you I’m gonna make this all worth it,” – to the dead girl while he scattered her bloody hair over Nero’s car while Nero was getting down and dirty with Gemma, so.

Nero hashes it out with Jax re: all the bodies.  Nero’s regrets about hooking up with the club are starting to show a little more each episode, but he’s keeping them in check because, as Jax so eloquently put in on their little car ride, he’s nailing Jax’s momma.  Jax tries to convince Nero that their partnership will lower the body count, but who is he kidding, that’s never gonna happen.  Sure, in a perfect world they get out of guns, stick with the hookers, and all is well in the land of the outlaws, but happy endings aren’t exactly welcome in this little town.

Come at me bro!

Come at me bro!

Nero and Jax head to the bunny ranch to see Colette.  Unbeknownst to them, Eli has decided to play follow the leader and posts up outside the house.  Barosky is back with his quick wit and shoos off Eli.  Barosky confronts the boys about the tail, and how it’s getting too hot in the kitchen for him.  He is still letting Jax know that he’s at the top of the food chain, and won’t hesitate to drop him like a sack of dirt.  No one outsmarts Barosky!!

You know, just a normal day

“You know, just a normal day.”

After learning about Eli’s surveillance, Nero confronts him.  Eli lets him know that he’s not trying to get to Nero for the murder of the Diosa girl, but he’s trying to make the connection between him, the club, the gun, and the little boy who used the gun.  I’m conflicted about how I think Nero will handle all of this.  Part of me thinks he’s gonna stick it out, because he’s an OG and doesn’t just run from his issues.  But the other part of me thinks he’ll go with his “flight” instincts and GTFO (and try to bring Gemma with him. Anybody want to take bets on whether or not she’ll go? $20 on “Absolutely not.”)




So many secrets, so little time.  Unser confronts Tara about her “meeting of the minds” from the last episode.  He offers to help her with her exit strategy, but first, he says, she has to tell him everything that’s going on.  Will she involve Unser?  Most likely.  In a scenario where you can trust roughly no one, he’s really the best option.  Whether this pregnancy of hers is real or completely made up, Unser could be a huge asset for her. Especially considering Wendy’s current state…



She’s not exactly emotionally stable, and you know, the whole recovering-junkie-giving-up-her-kid thing.  Both Tara and Gemma try to use this to their advantage, and Wendy is up to her eyeballs in all the struggle about whose side she should be on.  She’s got Gemma on one hand, bringing her pictures of Abel and reminding her how much she loved her (except for that whole part where she told her she should kill herself in a previous season, #justsaying) and she’s got Tara on the other, reminding her that they need to get the boys away from the club, and she can’t do it without her while she is in prison.  If she takes Tara’s side, Wendy will get to spend time with Abel, so it’s a tough choice.  Oh Wendy, I’m starting to actually feel sorry for you.  Only a little though, cuz you let yourself get roped into this circus.



Back to our favorite Men of Mayhem: The club is on lockdown after the Irish got a little too choppy with two of its members.  Of course, it’s always an eye for an eye with these guys, so our beloved SAMCRO boys stake out the Irish gun storage location to let them know the Sons don’t back down.  Jax convinces one of the Irish cronies to sell out the location of Connor and Gaalan, and Jax is off to delegate commands to the rest of the crew.  He doesn’t actually involve them in the decision making – THE USUAL – but hey, he’s king now, and he can rule his castle how he wants (spoiler alert: this will end badly).


After Jax, in a bit of awesome driving, backs Connor into a wall with his trust, the Sons “convince” him to give up his phone so they can get in touch with the Kings.  Jax has a little chit chat with the fellas about the club getting out of guns.  Gaalan won’t budge on letting them go (due to a long term relationship with Clay) so he pleads his case.  Unfortunately for him, that case includes working with Marks Incorporated, and I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Sons and the Irish aren’t always the friendliest when it comes to people of another shade.  As Clay so eloquently put it: “They don’t trust skin they can’t see through.”  It ends with the Kings “thinking over the offer,” giving him a time they’ll call, and Jax thinks he’s finally on his way out of the gun business.


But that doesn’t really fall in line with Gaalan’s plans.  He wants to spring Clay out of the pokey and ship him off to Ireland so he can be point in the gun biz.  After telling all of this to Gemma via a “conjugal visit” (which goes to a VERY dark place I will not be discussing because well, watch Orange Is The New Black if you’re into voyeuristic prison sex), he tells her to find out what Jax wants him to do.  Is this some sort of new Clay Morrow we’re seeing?  I guess we’ll find out, but as usual, it’s hard to tell when people have pure motives, or are acting for their own benefit.


FINALLY, the moment we’ve been waiting for! Chibs loses his shit on Jax.  Due to his history with the gun guys, Chibs knew what a terrible idea it was to bring up working with August to the Kings.  This is what happens when Jax makes decisions on his own, he fucks things up.  Hopefully this little tiff will lead to Jax putting a little more faith in his guys, but he’s so worried about there not being a club that he’s been really blind lately.   Chibs reminds him that the club is there for him, which Jax needs to be reminded of a little more often, apparently.

Where did you get this pen??

Where did you get this pen??

Everyone heads back to the clubhouse for a night in lockdown. The boys wait for the Irish phone call, when Jax discovers one of the luck of the Irish pens.  The wheels begin to turn in his head, and he realizes that the phone call to come was in fact not a phone call, but a giant, building destroying, earth shattering explosion.  Thanks to Jax’s quick thinking, he manages to get everyone out alive, but it was one hell of a close call.  The sheriffs are there already chattin’ with Gemma and Nero outside, so it’ll be interesting to see how they react to being witnesses to the club blow up.


Talk about going out with a bang.  This is going to mean a huge shift for the club.  All Jax could talk about this episode was not wanting a war, and now he’s got one on his (former) front step.  What’s a mad king to do?

Death Count: only 1.   They were light on the death this ep.

Total Death Count: 12

*I would also like to note that @offtothegraces was very upset by the “not enough Juice” in this episode.


5 thoughts on ““The Mad King” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

  1. There is never enough Juice, but the alternative to that is to have him suffer like in season 4 so IDEK what would be best.

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