“Salvage” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Finally people!  A feel-good-old-school episode of our favorite biker soap.  This is the type of episode that got everyone into this show in the first place.  Just the right amount of humor, sadness, feelings, and shenanigans.  But even more than that is the fact this may be be the most pivotal episode of the sixth season.  Shall we get to it?



Jax and Chibs survey the utter destruction of their clubhouse.  The place is one clusterfuck of a disaster.  Black rubble as far as the eye can see.  Jax finds John Teller’s bike buried underneath what looks like parts of the ceiling.  This scene, although mostly silent, really conveys what a mess the club has become (literally and figuratively).  The club that his father and Clay sat at the head of is a relic of the past, and Jax has to start anew.

I did this

“I did this.” Yes, Jax. Yes you did.

He blames himself for it, which is very valid, because if it weren’t for his piss poor handling of the Kings, their clubhouse wouldn’t be in millions of pieces.  Thankfully, Chibs still has his back and has faith that they can fix this disaster with Jax at the head of the table.

Eli arrives to talk to Jax and Chibs about the explosion.  He has a strong hunch that it involves their illegal dealings, but Jax won’t give up that it’s the IRA (even though it’s pretty obvious).  Jax tells Eli of his plans to go legit and make sure nothing like this ever happens again, which Eli would like to believe, but we all know it’s still just a pipe dream.  The dark side always finds a way to keep the SONS out of the light.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.08.50 PM

Tara and Jax have a brief, strained talk – kind of the usual, lately – until Jax is interrupted by a call from the Kings.  Gaalan lets Jax know that the only way out: Clay runs point and the rest of the sons back the fuck off.  A deal is a deal right?  Jax agrees to release the currently held captive Irish thugs, who the Kings didn’t know were alive, because Gaalan insisted they weren’t last episode.  Are the Kings starting to see Gaalan for who he really is?  He’s a loose cannon, acting independently of his partners, and he’s really after his own benefit, so I foresee something going down amongst the IRA brotherhood.


The boys head up north to visit a few other SAMCRO charters to discuss the future of the club, but they encounter two of Eden PD’s finest when they get pulled over for “speeding.” Jax tries to smooth things over, but Juice doesn’t take too kindly to the scheme these cops are running.  Gosh he’s cute when he’s defiant!  He starts laying the smack down on the cop until Jax has to pull him off, but not before the boys call the cops out. “We know a scam when we see one,” Jax tells them. Cue: Tig with the classic one-liners.


The boys take off as they hear sirens in the distance, and what follows is one of the best car chases I’ve ever seen on TV.  And in the movies.  Or, as @offtothegraces would say “Bomb ass dank ass driving.”


If Juice isn’t acting like he’s got nothing to live for anymore, I’m not sure what his motivations are.  He’s a completely new man, and I’m excited, albeit a little frightened, for what’s to come.  Even the look in his eye when he’s talking to people has changed.  I miss the fun-loving Juice, who was always up for anything, but I’m pretty sure he’s long gone.  Only time will tell how dark and violent he will get.


The guys finally reach their destination and we get to hear Jax give one of the most heartfelt and poignant speeches of this entire series.  SAMCRO is at a crossroads, and it’s time for them to make a real choice.  Jax has finally realized that he can’t continue his father’s legacy by living in confusion and fear.  Jax takes a stand: they are getting out of guns for good, regardless of the disappointment of some of the charter’s members.  He knows that if they don’t take this route, then it won’t be long before there isn’t a SAMCRO anymore.  In the end, all the members agree to get out of bullets and into pussy.


Well would you look at that, the infamous Bobby Munson is back!  It turns out he’s been collecting members this whole time (and not going Nomad as we were led to believe).  He didn’t know of any other way to help Jax. I think this will be good for the guys.  I mean, there are like six of them now, so it’s barely even a real club.  They need all the muscle they can get.  Thanks, Bobby!


Of course they can’t head back to Charming without stopping to get Juice’s bike back.  They go to the impound lot… where it turns out the Eden PD have been storing all of their stolen merchandise, including the “Liberace” bike Juice decides is a half-decent replacement for his own… which is currently in pieces on the floor of the impound.  They get the two cops to come down so they can all have a little chat (as the Sons are wont to do… they do love their gossip sessions).  Jax offers the crooked cops a fair deal. They don’t talk about the whole car flipping encounter, and he won’t rat them out for stealing high end cars and bikes in their own county.



But first, the cops have to apologize to everyone.  Bad boys need to be held accountable for their actions!  For now things are on the upswing for the Sons, but even these moments of brevity won’t save us from what I can only assume will be carnage for the rest of the season.


Well, it looks like Tara is still up to her tricks.  I’m going to go on record and say I do not think Tara is pregnant.  She’s using it as a means of protection, and  to get out of the house and talk to Lawyer Lowen about moving her babies without anyone knowing.  And that look on her face after her conversation with Jax about how he thinks it’s going to be a little girl? Dead giveaway.  She knows she’s screwed because of Toric’s untimely death and she’ll do anything she can to keep her plan in motion, even if it includes involving Unser.  She lays it all out for him, and you can’t help but feel what Unser sees: Tara becoming more like Gemma by the day. “That’s a lot of plates you’re spinning, kid,” he tells her. Yeah. A whole lotta plates.


Before any of this plan can go down, in a moment of desperation, DA Patterson offers Tara full immunity if she testifies to the illegal gun running that SAMCRO was (is?) a part of (to blame them for the gun ending up in the school shooting from the first episode).  As much as Lawyer Lowen wants Tara to think it over, Tara refuses to accept the deal.  She still loves Jax, and even though she’s trying to take the boys away from him, she could never betray him like that.  Unfortunately for Tara, DA Patterson decides it’s time to go “hood” and lets Tara know that she’s moving her case up by three weeks and she’ll be prosecuting it herself.  RUH-ROH!


Speaking of the case, it seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Nero is currently arrested for the murder of the Diosa girl, Erin, but Eli has some serious doubts.  Much to his dismay, DA Patterson, who is becoming more and more like Toric by the day, refuses to give up the avenue of getting Nero for the sake of getting the club.  After an impassioned plea from Gemma, who begs Eli to look into Toric as the one who set Nero up, DA Patterson finally acquiesces and they go to investigate Toric’s hotel room. As if the overpowering stench of bleach, the junkie kit, and the small artillery Toric had in his hotel room weren’t enough, Eli discovers the two bullet holes in the floor, and all signs suddenly point to Toric as the culprit.  But even with all of this evidence, Patterson will not let go of her chance to get the Sons.  And if we all remember, Toric was on her payroll, so it would all look very bad for her if any of this were to come to light.


Venus Van Dam is back!  Although I’m not entirely sure why.  I have a feeling she’s going to get into the lady business with Jax, but I also don’t really know why that would happen.  Maybe she’ll run things if/when Nero goes to jail?

Nero is REALLY regretting his decisions now.  Gemma pleads with him to give her time to figure out how she’ll handle being with him and trying to be with her family at the same time.  But she might end up with a lot more time to figure it out if the charges against him stick…. like, 20 to life kind of time. And something tells me Gemma isn’t that patient.

Poor, poor Wendy.  Being played like a massive fiddle and she doesn’t even realize it.  I wonder if she’ll ever wake up and realize what Tara is doing to her.

And as a final note, no dead bodies this week!  What a nice little reprieve from all the violence and death.  Everyone should savor it now, because it probably won’t last long.


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