“Sweet and Vaded” Sons of Anarchy Recap Season 6 Episode 7

We have now reached the middle mark of our little drama, meaning it’s time for things to start falling into place.  Schemes are revealed, people are getting desperate, and shit is getting kind of sad.  Simply put, this episode is all about the feels, and sets the tone for the downhill ride we’re all about to take.  I’d love to sit here and hold out hope that things will improve, but I know better.  It’s a Shakespearean tragedy, what do you expect?  Oh right, despair and mayhem everywhere.



Our story this week begins with the clean up effort of the former TM clubhouse.  The boys go a-huntin for any salvageable items they can find.  Luckily it seems that despite the massive explosion, a lot of their memorabilia is in tact. They move it all to their temporary home in a now shuttered ice cream shop (thanks to the long not seen Mayor Hale, who looks like he’s at the end of his rope).  He tells the boys that the town wants them out, and once he is out of office, he’ll no longer be able to help keep the club from getting chased out.  If I were a betting woman, I would say they don’t make their deadline and end up out on the streets again, but since I can barely play blackjack, I’ll just toss it out there as an option.  tumblr_mv5m7wInbo1rx6tfio1_500

Besides setting up shop, they’ve got to tend to the other matters of new business.  It’s become incredibly apparent that Jax thinks all is well in the land of the Irish by telling the club that they will help make sure the Kings are up and running with Clay.  But of course, this means that the money ain’t gonna be flowing in anytime soon.  More like a trickle, or maybe even just a drip from a leaky faucet.  Of course, Jax is open to suggestions (of the legal variety) to keep the money coming in, but these guys haven’t done “legit” it so long I’m not sure they know where to begin.  The next topic on the agenda is the new members.  Thanks to Bobby, the club is actually starting to resemble a real club again.


Besides the three new amigos, the club decides it’s time to patch Ratboy in as well.  But obviously not before royally fucking with him to make him think he’s in trouble.  TBH, he totally deserves to become a full fledged member.  The driving from last week’s ep alone should earn him his membership, not to mention all the other things he’s done for the club.


The boys head off to release their Irish prisoners while Jax has a talk with the ever sexy August Marks.  Marks understands that he won’t be getting the gun goodies for now (because of the whole “different race” thing) and off he goes.  The Irish on the other hand are in a greater state of shock in regards to their predicament.  I think they really were expecting to end up 6 feet under and just truly can’t believe they are getting the green light to go home.  Jax just doesn’t want anymore blood for blood, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

tumblr_mv4snyWEke1qcxymno4_250  tumblr_mv4snyWEke1qcxymno1_250

Our next stop on this crazy little circus train is at the sweet new clubhouse (get it??) where they find the ever gorgeous obsession of Tig, Ms. Venus Van Dam.  After a plea from Gemma, Jax agrees to hear her out about getting her “nephew” Joey away from her mother Alice.  After an incredibly sad and heartbreaking speech (which is only the first of many this ep), the boys agree to help her in her time of need.  I mean, if someone came to me and told me how their own mother forced them into child pornography, I’d be on the first bus to the city of kicking ass and taking names.  It also helps that Tig is a total smitten kitten for her.


They all head to pay Alice a visit, which turns into a haphazard car chase, until Venus let’s “Vincent” out on the windshield of their followers.  Before they continue their hunt for Alice, Jax demands to know the true story of Joey, who as it turns out, is Venus’ son.  It’s one hell of a family drama and I feel like that’s putting it lightly.  Barosky joins in on the fun and they all head to the location of Alice’s enterprise to get Joey back.

They arrive at the portrait studio to find a drugged out Joey and one haggard looking Alice, but I’m going to assume this is how she always looks.  What comes next is one of the saddest, most painful monologues I’ve ever heard come from a show.  It’s incredibly scary to realize the uncompromising amount of hate some people have in their hearts.  Alice’s speech is so hateful, that Jax can’t even handle her words.  With tears in his eyes he does what I think a lot of people would have wanted to do in that situation.


The guys find the stash of kiddy porn and realize exactly what was going on.  Barosky offers to help Jax clean up, because not only would he have shot her himself, but he always wants to keep a leg up on Jax.  The more he does for Jax, the more Jax owes him.  This sad, sad story line ends with Joey getting out of town and Venus finding comfort in the arms of Tig.  I’m interested to see if Venus comes back, as she brings a lot to this show.  She brings a real human element and it’s very easy to sympathize with her.



Due to DA Patterson moving up the case by 3 weeks, she knows she’s gotta get her hustle on to get someone to spill about the connection between SAMCRO and the school shooting.  It also doesn’t help that the general public is starting to notice her lack of progress.  The Tara angle didn’t work out so well, so she’s onto her next victim, Nero.  She offers him the deal she’s given to everyone, connect the Sons to the gun, and you get to walk away.  Nero’s lawyer wants him to take it, but of course it won’t be that easy.  Does Nero flip to save his own skin at the cost of losing Gemma?  Or does he try his luck with a trial and a mountain of evidence that points the finger at him?  Only time will tell, but lucky for us it’s not that much time, since he’s only got 24 hours to think it over.

At the suggestion of Eli, they decide to pay a visit to good ol’ Barosky.  Patterson lays out all the cards on the table in hopes that the crooked cop will flip on the club.  If not?  She’ll make sure that his sweet life becomes a little less tasty.  I don’t really foresee Barosky doing a 180, because as much as he hates that he got in business with Jax, helping the law doesn’t really seem to be in his plans.  Furthermore, it could potentially negatively affect him, which is really what’s most important to him.


Back in the land of orange jumpsuits, Nero tells Gemma about the deal.  Thankfully he gets to side step the issue when Gemma brings up that Venus is back.  Once he realizes that Alice is back in the picture, he convinces Gemma that she needs to convince Jax to help them out.  Retroactive recap spoiler alert, Jax does in fact help out.  This is the end of the road for the case in this episode, because we have much more important things to attend to.




Sorry, had to get that out.   The pieces are finally falling into place for Tara’s plan.  Of course she’s had to push everything up due to Patterson’s new tactic, but she’s still gonna get it done.  Which includes her drawing a whole pouch of her own blood, so you know things are about to get epic.  Dire circumstances require desperate measures.  She and Lawyer Lowen discuss the paperwork to deny Gemma any visitation.  If she’s deemed unfit, she can be excluded from the children’s upbringing.  Lawyer Lowen reminds her that both parents need to sign and at Tara’s assurance that Jax will sign the paperwork, we all realize that shit is about to hit the fan major time.

Tara talks next with another member of Team “Get the Kids out of Charming”, Unser.  She asks him to get a restraining order, but per the order of secrecy, she cannot tell him for who or why, but he assures him he’ll find out soon enough.


Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, what have you gotten yourself into now.  She regretfully riles up Gemma by telling her Tara’s “plan” to divorce Jax and take the kids out of Charming.  Which is actually the plan, but it involves a few more cray cray steps.  First of which is Gemma showing up at the hospital looking like a bat out of hell.   Amongst numerous witnesses she starts to lose her shit on Tara.  Since it’s all going according to plan, Tara heads off to her office with Gemma hot on her heels.  What comes next is a bright and shining example of desperate measures.


There are no words to describe the pure insanity of this whole situation.  While I do understand her unwavering desire to get the children out of Charming, this is just so incredibly destructive to everyone involved.  Holy bananas, faking a pregnancy to fake a miscarriage to fake that your mother in-law did it brings down all the players.  It’s really hard to side with her, even though her intentions are supposedly pure.  She’s succeeded in what she set out to do, but at what cost? While she might be saving her kids, she’s ruining a lot of lives to do so.


Jax now not only has to deal with the “loss” of a child he thought he had, he now has to push his own mother out of his life.  He agrees to sign the paperwork to get her out of their lives and it seems that everything is coming up Tara.  Gemma is in jail, she has the paperwork to get the kids away from her, but since this is a tragedy of every kind, I’m sure her winning streak will come to an end.  Evil can only get you so far.  Also, let’s get real, Gemma isn’t going down without a fight, especially now that she knows she was set up the whole time.

There was only one death this week, which brings out season total to 13.  What an interesting number for this episode…

Well I’m off to go get back in the shower and continue scrubbing away all of the emotions that are sticking to me.  Until we meet again.


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