“Los Fantasmas” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

We have finally reached the tipping point for the series, and now we’re on the downhill ride of the roller coaster to the end.  After many episodes of set ups, flare ups, and action, the fallout is coming to the foreground.  In honor of Halloween, and the appropriate title of the episode, we shall be visited the ghosts of the past, present, and future that are affecting our players.  Sure, that’s based on “A Christmas Carol” and not Halloween related, but if CVS can start selling decorations the first week in October, I can mix the two.  Tis the season to be jolly motherfuckers.


This school shooting is really messing shit up this season.  Rightfully so, but it shows that it wasn’t just a sensational opener for no reason.  Thanks to DA Patterson’s little headline leak, the Byz Lats and the Sons have to really lock down on all things illegal.  As the two crews discuss their plan for the straight and narrow, an unwanted visitor decides to play a game of chicken with the guys.  tumblr_mvhjivkRc21reyupco1_250

Can we talk about this for a second?!  That is the face of DGAF.  He has finally reached the point where he genuinely doesn’t care if he lives or dies.  This shows so much about his character even though it was only a few seconds of screen time.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this Juice from now on.  Juice may have survived unscathed but the same cannot be said for one member of the Byz Lats.  Keeping things tight is going to be a little harder than expected.

Somehow this hit and run gets back to DA Patterson through the grapevine, and she decides to attempt to use it as leverage on Barosky.  He finds the guy responsible for the mow down, he doesn’t lose his port control to the Sheriffs.  Barosky knows it’s just a threat, but he makes sure to tell Jax that the po-po are onto the hit and run and they need to get the guy alive.


Unfortunately for them, the Byz Lats find him first.  As much as the Sons try to keep them at bay, the anger over the loss of a member is too much for them to handle.  As Jax goes to stop them from taking out his bartering tool, he realizes that the guy is the father of one of the children killed in the school shooting.  Well that’s was a super depressing moment.  The guys leave him, knowing that the police are on their way.  Patterson rolls up on the scene as the father takes his own life in a very bloody fashion, and realizes that this was all thanks to her.  This is what happens when you get desperate.



Since DA Patterson is all on her high horse about leaking the story, she makes sure to let Nero know that his world is about to get rocked.  She might not even need him if someone else flips.  And then he’s stuck behind bars without a deal.  What’s an OG to do?  Well, as it turns out, it’s to take full responsibility for the gun that ended up in the school shooting.  That way, he can get the deal for his son, and leave the Sons/Gemma out of the downfall.

Patterson talks with Eli about the DNA results from Toric’s hotel room.  Gigantic DUH of the episode, the results came back to be that of the dead girl Erin.  Of course this doesn’t really matter to Patterson anymore, since she can pin Nero down for the purchase of the gun.  I mean sure, they both know he’s lying, and that he doesn’t actually deserve to be in jail, and that he only copped to it because of the looming murder case over his head, but it’s all in the name of justice right?  Well maybe for Patterson, but Eli, not so much.  She might be able to justify her tactics because she’s going to help out Nero with his son, but Eli looks at things in a much simpler fashion.  As much as I’m sure that Eli would love to see someone get the blame for what happened at the school, he can’t go along with Patterson’s way of getting to the answer.

It looks like something Eli said did stick with her, because despite the fact that she had Nero in her hands, she decides to let him go.  Instead of a warning, she delivers probably her most emotionally passioned plea this season.  To do what’s right by the children who died.  She’s doing right by Nero’s son (who has some sort of medical condition they never directly explain) in hopes that he will pay his debt by doing what’s right.  Will it work?  Quite possibly, as Nero is definitely one of the more honorable characters, but his love for Gemma might keep him from flipping so fast.



And now we get to the meat of our story.  Many lives have been affected by the choices Tara has made.  Quite frankly, I think that if anything will be the downfall of the club it will be this.  They could all end up in jail for the gun running, but this influences so much more that just the business of the club.  If/when Tara’s plan comes to light, it’s going to be a nuclear melt down.

But back to our telenovela.  As if you need a refresher course, Tara has succeeded in faking her miscarriage, getting Gemma arrested, and convincing Jax to sign the restraining order against her.  So it’s all coming up Tara right?  Well, from the way she is acting, it might not be the bed of roses she was expecting.


“I don’t think she was ever pregnant”

For starters, Gemma shares her hunch with Eli that Tara was never pregnant and this was all done in a set up to keep Gemma away from the boys.  Even she is bewildered by how crazy it sounds (cuz duh, it really was that crazy).  She might just be a “dirty biker whore with a record”, but she is one smart woman.  Also, she’s the original manipulator, so she can smell a scam.


This weeks’ angel of truth, Unser, goes to talk to Tara.  He’s got a hunch (spoiler alert! A correct one) that it was all a set up.  He puts together that she asked for the restraining order BEFORE everything went down.  Even in her silence, he knows that Tara is going down the same dark path as Gemma.  She can defend all she wants that she did what’s best for the boys, but he’s heartbroken by the fact that she had to do something so wrong to accomplish what she thought was right.  He agrees to not tell Gemma about the plan, but he knows he can’t be of any more help to her.

His next stop on his trail of truth is to head to the Sheriff’s office to talk all things Gemma with Eli.  Eli asks him for his sage advice, which is really just “let them handle their shit cuz otherwise you’re gonna find yourself in a bigger mess”.  Since Tara decides not to press charges against Gemma, Eli let’s her go.  As Unser drives Gemma, he gets to say some of the things I think we wish we all could say to Gemma.


#TRUTH.  No one else would have the balls to say this to Gemma, but thankfully Unser did.  He loves her more than anything, but I think in some way he’s trying to let her know that she ultimately brought this on herself.  I’m not blaming her, but she didn’t exactly leave any other opportunities to be explored for getting the kids out of Charming.

After Gemma realizes that Wendy was in on the scheme, she goes to pay her a visit.  Poor poor Wendy.  Why are you still sticking around?  Yes there’s her son, but she was out of his life while getting clean, so I don’t really understand why she’s volunteering to not get the hell out of that place.  She is one broken woman. Of course Gemma tries to use this to her advantage by informing Wendy that she backed the wrong horse.  If Wendy helps Gemma prove what Tara did, Gemma is willing to help her out.  Will it mean Wendy gets to see her kid?  Probably not, but Gemma will try to make sure that Jax doesn’t kill her when all of this comes to light.  How noble!  Wendy gives Gemma back her gun and also tries to give her the bag of heroin she purchased at the beginning of the episode.  In a flash back to earlier seasons, Gemma uses this as a tool to see if Wendy can really be trusted.  Rather expectedly, Wendy did not prove herself to be a “good mommy” and she ends up with the needle back in her arm.


“Grandma is dead”

Gemma’s last stop is to plead with Jax that she didn’t do it.  I’m not entirely sure what she was expecting, but what I was expecting is exactly what happened.  Man the hate and venom that Jax spit at her is one of the more brutal things I’ve seen this season (emotionally that is).  I’m not sure what Gemma will do to try to convince Jax that she’s innocent in this, because in season after season she’s manipulated so many situations, it’s borderline impossible to trust her.  She is finally starting to lose her hold on him and it’s gonna take a miracle for her to get back in his good graces.


Tara, of course, is on the complete opposite path of Gemma.  Her goal now is to make sure all the legal stuff goes through and that no one finds out the truth.  After her talk with Unser, she meets with Lawyer Lowen to go over everything.  Of course Lowen has become incredibly suspicious of Tara and attempts to get the truth but we all know that will never happen.  She’s pretty much figured it out, but I think Lawyer Lowen was really hoping to get a little more information to better represent her.  There is a lot that she could do to ruin Tara, and I would think Tara would want to keep that from happening.

Tara goes to the new clubhouse to look for Jax, I think.  She ends up having a real heart to heart with Bobby.  Bobby isn’t sure that Jax can keep it all together, but he knows that he’s going to do everything it takes.  He also knows that none of it will happen without Tara.  As @offtothegraces said ever so eloquently “Every King needs his Queen, bitch”.


“Please let me back in”

Our episode ends on a seriously depressing note.  Jax needs Tara more than ever, but she’s about 100 miles away.  He knows that he is partially responsible for the rift, but he is truly willing to do whatever it takes.  He has been making some questionable decisions this season, but one thing that has always been a constant is his love for Tara.   He begs her to let him back in, but Tara is so shut down I’m not sure that’s even possible.  You know her heart is breaking, but it’s buried underneath all this shit, who knows if she even truly feels it.  He obviously doesn’t know she’s planning on divorcing him, but when he does find out, I’m honestly afraid of what will happen.  I’m not sure he can live without her.

Well on that uber sad note, there was only 1 death this week, bringing our total to 14.  Le sigh, I’m gonna go do something happy now cuz I am thoroughly sad about this.  Until next week.


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