“John 8:32” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

So I’m not all up on my bible verses, but according to the interwebs, the title of this episode means “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  As usual, this is incredibly appropriate for the episode.  Well, maybe not everyone is being set free, but they sure know the truth now!  Talk about shit hitting the fan.  Now that the secrets are out in the open, everyone has to adjust to the truth in their own way.

Let’s start with the most important story line of this week, which is of course the continuing fall out of Tara’s devious plan.


Our story begins with unfortunately badly edited quick cuts between a conversation with Gemma and Nero, and a conversation between Jax and Tara.  It was an interesting comparison between one couple that is completely honest with each other, and a couple that has more secrets than the US government.  Jax attempts to tell Tara the truth, but she’s having none of it.  She can’t even say “I love you!”  On the other side of Charming, Gemma downloads Nero on all things cray cray Tara.  One couple getting closer, one getting farther away.

By this point, Lawyer Lowen has pretty much figured out what Tara has done.  The pattern of Margaret Murphy being the one on all of the medical records is a big red flag.  Of course Tara DGAF that she committed a felony to get the custody, but it’s easy to see why Lawyer Lowen is so uncomfortable.  Her client might screw herself out of everything she worked so hard to create.

Nero, being one of the few people on this show with a true soul (and a whole lot of Catholic guilt), goes to talk to Jax about the whole Tara/Gemma situaysh.  Of course, Jax “knows it all” already, but news flash, he doesn’t even know the half of it.  He just assumes that Nero is doing Gemma’s bidding cuz why would he want to believe is wife is a stone cold liar??  She totally is, but he’ll find that out soon enough.  The guys have to press pause on their convo as Barosky and Colette have decided to pay them a visit.


Basically everything is going to shit.  Barosky lost his ports, Colette was denied her escort rating, and all of their attempts to go 2legit2quit are falling apart.  It’s not all that shocking, when you’ve been an outlaw for so long, going straight isn’t exactly easy.  Of course, Jax is going to figure it all out, because he always does!  Or at least tries, in his own way, that usually isn’t successful.  But it’s better than nothing, right?  RIGHT?!


Of course then Gemma shows, which puts Jax’s panties in an even bigger wad.  She decides it’s time to tell him how Nero helped the club. Remember, the whole not flipping and taking the fall for the gun thing?  Also that whole baseless murder charge thing.  NBD. Except now Jax is really aware of how deep DA Patterson is willing to go to get someone to blame for the school shooting.  I mean, “sister be doing it with the real flow now” (thanks LaMonica, that was a great one).

Nero continues his tour of wanting to bring the peace when he goes to visit Tara.  Of course that plan backfires like a 1980’s Ford Pinto when his attempts to reason with her turn into a heated conversation about how Gemma brings down/kills the men that get close to her.  That kind of came out of nowhere, but I understand what Tara is doing.  Put Gemma in the worst light possible so everyone believes that she would actually cause the death of her unborn grandchild.  Tricky, tricky Tara.


Of course no hospital visit would be complete without a little stand-off between Gemma and Margaret.  Oh the history these two have.  So much hatred and contention.  Margaret is no match for the manipulative ways of Gemma, which she finds out when Gemma tricks her into practically admitting that all the pregnancy forms were fake.  And the great thing is Gemma doesn’t even have to threaten her personally, just you know, pull the whole “when Jax finds out you’re done for” card.  It’s gonna get messy folks.  Hope you brought a poncho!

Jax and Nero pick up where they left off when Nero gets a straight cold cock to the jaw thanks to Tara letting Jax know about Nero’s visit.  Since Tara is Tara, she spins it so it sounded like Nero came to accuse her of being a lying manipulative bitch.  He didn’t say it, but it’s not exactly false…  The fisticuffs continues until Gemma intervenes.  Since Nero and Jax have practically beaten each other senseless, it’s now story time.  Nero fills Jax in on the whole “conjugal visit” and then Gemma follows up with the biggest blow Jax has probably ever faced.  I genuinely feel bad for him in this situation.  We’ve seen him grow from season to season, but he still has this little boy quality to him.  It’s like he wants to believe that everyone is good at heart even though it’s repeatedly proven that it’s not the case.  It’s almost as though he still can’t make the decisions for himself.  He’s a little boy pretending to be king.

Jax now wants to make sure that the story Gemma gave him is true, which he does by using Unser to get him and Lawyer Lowen together.  She spills all the beans, cuz I mean hello he’s got a gun and she’s not stupid.  There is so much pain and anger in Jax that I’m a little surprised he didn’t rip apart the trailer panel by panel.  The one constant he had in his life is completely betraying him in a way that I don’t think many people would recover from.  Lawyer Lowen calls Tara to presumably tell her that Jax knows and the jig is up.

tumblr_mvty5qou491sm4b3io1_250    tumblr_mvty5qou491sm4b3io6_250

Because this is the episode of truth, Gemma regales Nero with the story of John Teller’s death.  After all of these seasons we finally get to find out what really happened.  It’s quite frankly pretty tragic.  Basically he was killed for being weak and wanting out of guns.  That sounds like a terrible reason to end someone’s life, but my understanding of biker gang politics is on par with my understanding of politics in general, which, TBH, is really nothing.  Now that Gemma’s told him the truth, will Nero stick around?  He truly loves her, but the men around her do have a way of falling apart.  Maybe Nero will be different, or maybe we’ll be seeing a funeral this season.

We wrap our story with a little song sung by Tara, while rocking Thomas to sleep.  But surprise!  She’s got a gun on her lap.  Listen, I get that she wants to protect herself and her children from whatever shit storm is coming, but girl, put that gun on a side table or something!!  On your knee while you are MOVING and HOLDING A CHILD?!  Yeesh.  Get it together.

But wait!  There’s more!  This was another 90 minute episode and I could fill another few pages with all of things that happen.  So let us continue.


Clay Morrow is back with a vengeance this week.  He’s been kicking it old school style in the pokey while awaiting his bust out by the IRA.  Now that the Irish are back in one piece, the plan goes into motion.  It all begins in the chapel of the church, which is really where all good stories start.  Clay and the Irish inmate keep giving each other the eye wink/nod signal until the apparently right guard comes in.  And thus begins one hell of a diatribe from Mr. Morrow.  His raving rant about pussy gets him within nibbling distance of one of the prison guards, and Clay gets all chompy on his face.  What follows is a very “Heath Ledger playing the Joker” esque image of Clay laughing like a lunatic with blood all over his face.  REAL UNNERVING.  THANKS KURT.  I’m going to have to assume that Clay went so far deep because he needed to get into the room for people who don’t play well with others.


The Irish have paid off the prison doc to slip Clay a cell phone to call who I’m going to assume is Gaalan or the Kings, on the number that was given to him episodes back in the book.  We aren’t privy to the conversation but I’m sure it’s all about the get out of jail free card for Clay.  Once his 40 minutes are up, the guard who shall be known from here on out as Mr. Nosebegone, and another guard get their 40 minutes of time with him.  Unfortunately for Clay, they’re using him as a punching bag, since I’m sure it’s hard for them to work out with their hectic prison schedules.


Back on the outside, the gun trouble is still going strong.  Patterson wants Eli to put a tail on Jax, even though he knows that it’s not a good idea.  But being the lady on a mission she is, Eli’s protests fall on deaf ears.  He decides to give Jax and the gang a heads up that they’ll be having company for the foreseeable future.  It looks like Unser’s words from last week are still sticking with him.  I think he also realizes that Patterson is getting a little Toric-y with her investigation.  Granted she’s not all crazy in the brains about it, but she is starting to look a little desperate.

Now that Jax knows just what Patterson is willing to do, he decides to pay her a visit.  Of course this isn’t just a meet and greet with an autograph signing at the end, as Jax has a deal to make with her.  He knows how badly she wants a connection to the guns, so what better way to get her off his back than to hand over the IRA.  All he wants in return is immunity from the gun charges and for her to look into Tara’s case again.  He’ll take care of it within 10 days time, and she’ll have her big win and Jax can go back to trying to legitimize his club.  After all, he’s just a scumbag outlaw and she’s a pillar of justice, so it really is a win-win situation.  She ultimately agrees to the deal because the way things have gone for her, this is her best shot at coming out on top.



Jax’s token redeeming moment of the episode this week came with the not-so-subtle warning that most of Charming is turning against him. When a “bipolar, emotionally challenged” girl with some other vague diagnoses breaks the window of the diner-donut-muffin-cupcake-whatever shop the guys have set up in post-Clubhouse blow up.  After chasing her down the street and getting called out for ostensible “rape!” by the pretty little 17 year old rebel (FYI, it wasn’t rape. Not even close.), some irrational SAMCRO-haters back away from him on the street like he’s the devil. So, he goes to her Dad’s house, and Dad explains that he’s losing said house, and in the whole pack up and go of it all, homegirl found some pictures of her Mom, who, it turns out, died because of John Teller. And now she blames Jax.

Then Jax makes sure they don’t lose the home and the girl comes crying to apologize to Jax in the diner-donut-muffin-cupcake-whatever shop and he looks like an angel… for now. A little birdy (named IMDB) tells me this chick is gonna be back for more episodes, though, so perhaps Jax’s symbolic moment of redemption here isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


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